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Maximus_C 2 months ago
Hi. Thanks for watchin' me back. Be well! ^_^
star dragon 2 months ago
Oooh, it always feels like
Somebody's watchin' me!
And I have no room to breathe.
Thanks for the watch!

It's wonderful to hear that you liked Heads or Tails. That one was a real runaway success.
Mokarran 1 year ago
Thanks for the vote! ^_^
plainwalk 1 year ago
Thanks for watching.
Kyne 1 year ago
Cheers for the watch!
Oloroso Rhone 1 year ago
Gratias tibi nam "fav" ago!
BuckSaber 1 year ago
Thanks for commenting, faving, voting, and watching! :3
Dikran_O 2 years ago
Thanks for Watch'n!
Oloroso Rhone 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! ^_^
MatthewTheSkunk 2 years ago
Thanks so much for the watch