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i am a fox in my 22nd summer and i love life. i am very Irish actually found out my clan name in old Irish Conchobhair means decedent of Conchobar which means lover of wolves (or hounds depending on who you ask)

i took my first steps into the furry world when i stumbled across three books. one by Blotch titled Dog's Days of Summer, and the other two by Kyell Gold titled Waterways. and Out of Position i highly recommend any of those books to any one. They can be found at

i don't do commissions

i write as a hobby currently working on a story i am posting on here, i do some sketching in my off time.i always like to get constructive criticism and tips on how to improve my writing.

i am always happy to chat and if any one has any questions feel free to send me a pm or an email at

my porfile pic is a croped section from a comisson done by  Ryotsuke for me the full one can be located here

twitter profile:
2nd life: Roderick(Olcan)

species Red Fox
gender male from West Newbury, United States
loves 69, Action, Adolescent hates ASB, Abra, Amy Rose
19 submissions 17,088 page views 116 comments received 612 comments posted 8,954 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Male Incest

Latest Journal posted 07 Apr 2014

*sits at the desk takes a sip of very black tea and cracks his knuckles* ok folks I want your opinions! I have a few concrete plots and story's kicking around my skull, I'm going to finish MBC it was only sent to be a short story series but I want to know what types of things you all are interested in seeimg!

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