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I uploaded most of my gallery on here. Not all. If you want to see all of it, go to my FA account! :D

I'm a lemur~ Rawr. o.o
species Ring-Tailed Lemur
gender male from Yarmouth, Canada
loves 3D, 80s, ASB likes 69, 420, 70s tolerates 8-bit, Acid Jazz, African hates Alternative Spiritual, Opera, Smothering
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Latest Journal posted 24 Feb 2013

I'm bored on a Sunday. Gonna play some Mass Effect, and stream it. Come watch if you like



scarletfurry223 6 months ago
Wanna rp?
GabrielClyde 8 months ago
Thanks very much for watching !


Go Lemur!
PinkiHusky 1 year ago
wags tail no problemo
Floatthelemur 1 year ago
Hello Fellow Lemur! ouo
ecchipandaa 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :3
Dewo 1 year ago
hi o.o
Joel The Lemur 1 year ago
o.o Don't suppose you're interested in a lemur?
Sgt_Andrews 1 year ago
Cheers for the watch mate. :3
makari 1 year ago
thanks for watching <3
CookieDraggy 1 year ago
Your Lemur is cute, too n_n
RebelDragon 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch c: