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species Lion, Jaguar and some others mix mutt
gender male
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Feline hates Amphibian, Anal vore, Dinosaur
54 submissions 117,220 page views 467 comments received 378 comments posted 19,907 profile views
groups   Lions
  The Lion King

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Marjani 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch!
Thakur 2 years ago
Write more about Cathy!
Felix Tile the cat 2 years ago
lol, writing is a very slow process with me, but I am working in it :)
Felix Tile the cat 1 year ago
Sorry it took so long.
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
Thanks for the rate !
furryfriendly 2 years ago
Please do more of that Experiencing Feral Heat story series, it was excellent and fun to read!
elanar 2 years ago
You're a REALLY really good artist.
Felix Tile the cat 2 years ago
Why, thank you! :)
elanar 2 years ago
Absolutely no problem :) :) really awesome of you to respond! :) Good Luck =)
besonik 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
EmptySet 2 years ago
Great art ya have here! :)
Nirfirvious 2 years ago
You more than earned yourself a watch! <333
shani-hyena 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch and fav!
Black_diaraikia 3 years ago
thank you a lot for the watch :3