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I don't know if one can truly consider me to be "furry". I enjoy elements of the genre, but I am a bit uncomfortable with some parts of furrydom. Fur suits don't really do much for me, and of course I'm straight in a predominately gay community. I couldn't imagine myself at a furmeet or convention.

I guess there are grades of furry.

I do like making images and stories. I don't do commissions because I don't work well with other people's ideas, or other people for that matter. So you'll just have to enjoy what I give you for free. Mostly what I do is F/Solo and M/F adult content.

gender male
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Latest Journal posted 06 Jul 2012

Due to certain issues I'm not going to be posting any further updates on SF. 

But I will be posting on Inkbunny.  Those folks absolutely LOVE "The Line". 


Not that I won't be around.  I'll still be bopping in here, but new stuff will be on IB. 

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The Doe and the Wolf Pack
by 3Timer    1 year ago    

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Nyx Tiga 2 years ago
Lol my mate loves your anteater
carlos_penguin 2 years ago
You seem cool. I watch ^v^
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
Thanks for watching me!
Io 2 years ago
WOOF! One more for your Shouts. ^___^
Xzepher Shadowkick8 2 years ago
Second? Just wanted to say Hi!
Jim Wolfie 2 years ago
You has no shouts, this wolf says hello
3Timer 2 years ago
Hey wolf, I didn't even know I had a shout! Thanks for being first!