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About Willace Diamond
Hello! I'm just a simple timber wolf. But I am also a being of intense emotion and understanding for any who promote tolerance, love, or compassion. If you disagree with me I'll respect that, but I don't tollerate trolling! Oh, and yes I have terrible spelling...
I welcome anyone as a friend, and questions are always fun too. So feel free to P.M. me.
~ your's truly, Willace <>
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loves 69, Akita, Anal likes 3D, Acid Jazz, Action tolerates 420, 8-bit, Abduction hates Abuse, Blackmail, Bluegrass
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Latest Journal posted 24 Apr 2011

Nightfall, My favorite time. A lack of cars driving by, a slow in the day's busy pace, the sky dimming with assurance that a good sleep is ahead for me. Nightfall, a chance to see him, if only for a few minutes. In haste I gather a an mp3, cigarettes, a coat, and a gift; a small two-tone tennis ball I bought a few days back. Admiring it as I slip an arm into the black jacket, It's not very worn but it's a token of unrivaled joy.

I've got the headphones in my ears and a Maverick in my mouth by the time my apartment door closes behind me. Traversing the short journey, I make my way for the back door of the hallway and shuffle for a song. It needs to be one I don't listen too; one that will help me really feel these coming moments. Blue October, Hate me. A song to make me cry.

The latch opens, I step out onto the deck and take out my lighter. Sparks, flame, breath, smoke, music. They all fall one after another like rain-drops hitting the timeline of this unfortunate evening. Darkness, yet ...


kemonox12 11 months ago
Thank /you/ for the fun read c:
Willace Diamond 11 months ago
Glad that you liked the story!
Tobias Woadpaw 1 year ago
any chance you are going to pick up august in October again?
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Yeah, I've started writting again so I plan on revisiting that one
Shaonics 1 year ago
What ever happened to the Behind Bedroom Doors story? Are you not finishing that story?
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
no I am! Promise! give it a week and I'll have it here!
PandaKat 1 year ago
Thanks for watching hun!! ~^^~
wolfs_love 1 year ago
*hugs* as do I :3
wolfs_love 1 year ago
*hugs* as do I :3
wolfs_love 1 year ago
Thanks for everything *hugs tight* thanks for the fave and ratings and most of all the friend request ^_^
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Well it's the very least I could do to repay such an avid fan of my stories. Besides your artwork is truely alluring. I look forward to a fond friendship!
Hraefn 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch oh talented canine of ze wilds! =3
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
No, good raven, thank you for all the attention to my stories you have bestowed upon this very gracious wolf.
Hraefn 1 year ago
Daaww! Of course! Ravens love wolves! ;3
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Merci, we're quite fond of featherd friends too!
Hraefn 1 year ago
Yes indeed! The spirit world's closest friends! ;3
Jörmund Saarinen 1 year ago
I love your writing, and the plot of your stories tend to be more 'in-depth' than other stories of the same genre. I love your writing, please, keep it up!
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Hey, I fully intend to! Big thumbs up for reading! So, erm, have a... cookie? ^__^
Jörmund Saarinen 1 year ago
I wonder why everybody's been giving me things... Cookies, and a yet unknown substance known as 'Dragon Milk'.
Willace Diamond 1 year ago
Hey I could have offered a nice leg of mutton. Or a cup-cake. Dragon's eat muffins, right? =3
Jörmund Saarinen 1 year ago
Indeed, and Dragons do indubitably eat muffins.
Madwolf17 1 year ago
Your welcome, your stories are great, looking forward to the next.