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About Zachi


  • Name: Zachi Haiku
  • Age: 21 ^_^ (321 RP years)
  • Birthday: 10-27
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 210Ib
  • Fur Color: Black, Purple, White.
  • Eye Color: Bichromic. (Left is Red, while the right is Green.)
  • Mateship status: Single

I am a Collie that loves to hang around other people, though very thoughtful of others...which tends to make me a bit shy. However, I am the kinda person you would call that doesn't take knick knack from anybody, so watch out! I do get random spouts of spazzism, usually due to a overload of sweets or monster energy drinks, and can be calmed down with a simple ear rub or after playing a lot. Generally though, I am quite the tech Doggy, not usually putting myself in social situations...but I am open to being invited. I am usually a great RPer, though I have the huge problem of passing out when it is late.

Combat: When it comes down to fighting, I am a passive fighter. In light terms, I do not initiate a fight, nor do I usually get directly involved. However, for 321 years of life, I have learned a vast amount of abilities and techniques that were either passed down from birth or taught. My passed down abilities include the ability to summon elemental spirits, and a vast amount of illusion techniques that I have implemented with ethereal abilities. Taught abilities include a bit of wind magic, vast experience with most weapons, including firearms and melee types, and a corrupt form of magic that I rarely use.

species Crux (Read Profile for appearance and info)
gender male from Jacksonville, USA
loves Anal, Anime, Anthro likes Anatomically Correct
64 submissions 1 roleplay characters 21,700 page views 121 comments received 157 comments posted 8,619 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 02 May 2012
Well well well...its been FOREVEH! But I has grand news! I am mashing up an old idea of mine with a friend I know in RL, to make a new series. It is going to be called "Project WolfsBane", though at the moment, I cannot tell you why. In the next few weeks, I will be posting charecter bio's and Pics, along with a few idea's, and background of Joulari and Zachi, and possibly Kyara and Vira. Its time I got serious...and playful all at once ^_~

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ScruffyTheFox 2 months ago
Heya cutie ^^
Zachi 2 months ago
ScruffyTheFox 2 months ago
I love your ref sheet ^^ <33
Zachi 2 months ago
Thanks lol, though it's a bit out of date. Need to get a ref for my Collie.
FoxLightning 5 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch *Hugs and licks* Much appreciated :)
Professor Tenebrae 1 year ago
You are such a sexy fox...would you like to play around sometime?
Marty_The_Chu 1 year ago
hi,hi guess who :3 *hugs*
MrFox 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! It's nice to see you're back with us again! Yay!
Zachi 2 years ago
Thanks man. Glad to be back myself ^_^
infurrity 2 years ago
why hello there
mugman 3 years ago
awwwww cute cute
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago
God I hate how the shout boxes are so damn small. Anyways...I will get to reading your revised chapter right away. Currently right now, I am re-reading over chapters 3 - 7 to see how they blend together. I will start working on chapter 8 tomorrow.

I do have something that I use to communicate with my friends all the time; skype. I don't know if you know of it or not but it's all I have at the moment. I would like to be able to discuss various aspects of the stories with each other.
Zachi 3 years ago
Indeed I do know of it. I shall get one real quick and add you. I am sure it will be fun.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago
Ok then. My original skype name was sirblargg (really old username). You will see that it also says my current username; shadow kyuubi with it.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago
I am glad I have given you inspiration to write another series. I don't think I have ever had a positive influence on someone before.

Also, I will be submitting another release next week, but it won't be 'a' chapter, it will be multiple ones; chapters 3 - 8 to be exact. So keep your eyes out early next week.
Zachi 3 years ago
Ooooo. I can't wait to see. Your series is so AWESOME! And by the way, I have just posted the revised version of my first chapter on here. You decide which one is better, though I am going with the new one as the main story.

P.S. Do you have a YIM, MSN, or somthing like that? I would love to talk more about the stories, and maybe other things =]
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago
Love the new form, very unique. I need to come up with an eeveesona; all I am using is a fake eeveelution called venomeon. Love the stories; keep it up.
Zachi 3 years ago
Thanks, it means alot to me that you love the stories. I am actually going to change the first chapter a bit, my friend and me agreed on it, and it might sound a little bit more boring at first...but it will turn out to be awesome in the long run!

By the way, I love your series SOOO MUCH! I can't wait for you to post your next one!