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I never really thought that I would ever like to write. I was never really the top English student at my high school. But, for some reason or another, here I am. Writing. To me, it's a little unbelievable that I'm still doing it, but I just can't seem to put the computer down. I just went with it and began to write. I hope to impress, yet I don't think I'll ever be good enough to compete with my idols. Wish me luck... species Wolf
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barbed_wire83 2 months ago
Hey, I was wondering, are you going to work on The Story of Daniel again?
SilentBlaze 2 months ago
barbed_wire83 1 month ago
Aww... I liked that one. Ah well.. you're the writer, not me.
crimsonsaphire 1 year ago
is all OK. haven't herd much recently. anyway hope the next chapter is coming along well.
good luck.
SilentBlaze 1 year ago
Hello, again! Nice to hear from you. Things are fine on my end, though this chapter's been tricky. Happy with the way it's going now, though, so hopefully it will be out sooner rather than later. Got a snippet if you're interested on how it's going to look. ^~^
crimsonsaphire 1 year ago
I'm happy to hear its going well. Ill pass on the snippet, but ill be watching for the story intently!

Thank you for displaying such a unique work.
SilentBlaze 1 year ago
Nvm. It's out now anyways. :D
caffeinatedpoodle 1 year ago
Oi! Don't stop writing SoD now! See my comment on #9.
Secret shadow 1 year ago
One question on the chapters your rewriting, are you just editing the old version into the new version? or are you posting everything as an entirely separate story?
Modestmouse 1 year ago
Are you still alive?
SilentBlaze 1 year ago
Yes. Yes, I am. It's nice of you to ask. How are you?
Modestmouse 1 year ago
Sorry you've been MIA for a wile and people that talk to you seem to think you left the site. Glad to see you still alive realy a HUGE fan.
Johnnaman 2 years ago
never...NEVER stop writing your story. its really amazing Silent Blaze
daemon2 2 years ago
For the love of all people on sofurry, DONT STOP WRITING!!!!!!!!!
Modestmouse 2 years ago
Very good story and the best of luck my friend
ShadyDANIEL 3 years ago
Please read my latest journal. comment and you will get a special honor(In my book)...
Arcane Reno 3 years ago
No probs. I actually thought I had done so earlier, then realized I hadn't when I was looking at my list. So, yeah, looking forward to the next parts! You quite honestly do the omniscient view better than anyone I've seen on here. On a related note, have you ever read Discworld? That's the best example of omniscient I've read on this side of Douglas Adams, and Pratchett is hilarious. ^^
SilentBlaze 3 years ago
No, but I'll check it out. Always interested in a good read. :)