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Heya! I'm a writer and voice actor who's dabbled in all sorts of Things. Most of my stuff can be found on my FA page, but I'm getting into the habit of bringing a lot of that onto SoFurry as well. :)

species Wolf
gender male
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Arctic Fox likes Afghan hound, Akita, Alligator tolerates Albino, Alien, Amphibian hates Appaloosa, Bee, Boar
43 submissions 46,143 page views 302 comments received 74 comments posted 9,141 profile views
groups   Heathen City
  Knots, Knots and more Kno...
  Knot Cuddling

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DarrinThornwell 2 years ago
i LOVE your writing style and i love your stories. your writing is beautiful