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About Timelord216

As a human my name is Trey. I'm 22, live in a boring as hell town, and write to keep myself from going even more insane than I already am HEHE! I am mated to a lemur that I love with all my heart. Shi kept me from committing suicide years ago and we've been together ever since. 

As a Time lord, I am 924 years old. I have regenerated three times. My stats are below. 

Name: Matthias Presarius
Gender (Currently): Male (Could be female if regeneration allows it)
Species (Currently): Gallifreyan Fruit bat
Height (Currently): 5' 6
Weight (Currently): 187
Eye color (Currently): Shining Sapphire
Hair Color(Currently): Lavender
Number of tails (Currently): 4, with 1 purple ring on each.
Personality: Happy, overtly sexual, VERY VERY flirty, easily distracted by the simplest but ALWAYS interesting things. 
Hobbies:Trying new clothes, going out on dates, Bumbling through time and space, Playing music, calibrating the TARDIS with songs.
Family: Wife (Deceased) Daughter (Deceased) Mate (Currently on earth watching for trouble.), Matthew ( best friend, currently in Australia, running a branch of Torchwood with Matthias' Blessing and advice.)
Sexual Orientation: Will basically shag anything with a post code.
TARDIS Model: Oracle type 47X Prototype (The only TARDIS in existence of that model)
Residence: His TARDIS (Obviously), Owns homes in Ireland, Scotland, France, South America, Japan, and Australia, respectively.


species Four Tailed Fruit Bat
gender male from Covington, United States
loves 420, 70s, 80s likes B-snakes, Centaur, Chastity Play tolerates Abuse, Bee, Boar hates Anal vore, Arachnomorph, Bathroom
35 submissions 9,196 page views 68 comments received 128 comments posted 6,239 profile views
Latest Journal posted 25 Nov 2013

So i have black ops two for the xbox 360. if you wanna join, my gamertag is Timelord216. i will NOT tolerate bullshit or trolling. if thats your intention then bugger off. i play because its fun. i dont play to get into fights with other players.

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The teacher's Assistant Part 3
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LoneWolf669 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave of chapter 3 of Nathan and the Stallion. Hope you enjoyed it.
Kashito91 1 year ago
I'm moving out of home on Friday... so, that's fun... you going okay?
Timelord216 1 year ago
ick...i hate moving. im doing fine. much better than i used to be. got fired from last job but screw em. gives me more time to write.
Timelord216 1 year ago
missed talking to you.
Kashito91 1 year ago
add meh on Skype? kashito91
Timelord216 1 year ago
i cant use skype on my laptop anymore. every time i try to use it, my laptop slows down to the point of crashing. i had to uninstall it.
Kashito91 1 year ago
Nuuuuuuuuu!!!! D:

that's terrible! and msn is going to be shut down in march, I think...
Timelord216 1 year ago
yeah. i still have a facebook though
Kashito91 1 year ago
>implying call the police

*hugs tightly* hey! missed you...
Timelord216 1 year ago
*hugs* i missed you too mousy. how are you?
Timelord216 10 months ago
Kashito91 10 months ago
give it to meh.... >:3
Kashito91 1 year ago
*hugs tightly, then leaves a big basket of cookies on your bed* ^.^
Timelord216 1 year ago
*hugs back and takes cookies*
Kashito91 1 year ago
Check your emails ^^
Kashito91 1 year ago

Kashito91 1 year ago
That's fine. *hugs* any chance i can get a sneak peek? :3
Kashito91 1 year ago
Hello? Is there anybody in there?
How goes the story?
Kashito91 2 years ago
Magic me up! icon_biggrin.gif
Timelord216 2 years ago
chapter two is up on sofurry. hope you like how it went!
Kashito91 2 years ago
Care to explain the role of chosen one?
Also, sorry for the delay... net issues