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Why hello! I'm Khafre, pleased to meet you. I used to lurk around the furry fandom as something completely different; now I've inched my way back in, testing the waters in a new skin, looking for adventure. Isn't that what the fandom's all about?

I don't take myself, or the fandom, all that seriously, and so... take what I do with a grain of salt. I love the art. I enjoy RP. I mostly just like pretending to be a huge burly Manticore monster. Rawr!
species Manticore
gender male from Gold Coast, Australia
loves Anal, Avian, BDSM likes 420, Bondage, Chocolate tolerates Alternative, Generation Gap hates baby
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Latest Journal posted 04 Jan 2011

It has been the requisite 24 hours, and this is closed! =)

The good news is, I didn't get swamped with these! *happy face!* I was a little concerned, not really having an upper limit as far as how many people could apply... This list is manageable! To Photoshop!

~~ ^_^ ~~

Original post:

Hi everyone! <3

So, here's my thought train:

I want to do more art of my characters (Khafre the Manticore and Tyrril the Gryphon), as well as playing around with other peoples' creative concepts. You, presumably, want art of your character(s).

I enjoy drawing porn. You, presumably, enjoy looking at porn.

I need more practice doodling directly into Photoshop. You, presumably, don't mind your characters being incorporated into experimental art.

Doing free art provides me the chance to practice my skills and provides me with attention and free publicity. It also wins me delicious delicious karma points and makes me feel super nice. You like f...

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kaleemmcintyre 6 months ago
Anyone still around?
hehe. you're welcome. :3 and thanks for the complement. :3 hehe a buddy of mine richfox drew it for me. :3
Maxie 1 year ago
Hi there*waves*
Toumal 2 years ago
It's awesome to see you post on SF again ^_^ And your art has improved immensely, quite impressive!
Thelostsoul 3 years ago
Heya ty for the comment, and thanks for letting me know about the species correction much thank you <3

lol thats what I get for litining to a friend XD lmao

Oh awesome your a Manticore also <3

and the side note. u have a awesome gallery <3 * watches*
I love your coloring 8D
Io 3 years ago
Hey! wishing you a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year. *Hugs* ^__^
Sversti 3 years ago
Ohh, thanks for the watch! Hey, I'll watch you too. I really like your work. :3
Reohajj Ouduru 3 years ago
I love you. <3
Telara 3 years ago
Sadly no none of that is my art, I wasn't as blessed with natural talent for drawing. And with my life right now I've been given little to no time to develop my own either. But once I do I'm certain my first artworks will be posted here. All I can ask that day is two things; Be Brutally Honest. I won't lie to make anyone feel better, never has been me, and I expect no exceptions to my own work.
Telara 3 years ago
Manticore sighting! I'm a bit of a mythology whore.. been a long time hobby. But the gaze in those eyes *Shivers and murrs*