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About BearBoy

Well I gues if you're here and reading this I suppose that you wanna know lil' bit something about ... me. =3

Where should I start ...

Personality:It depends now I wake up and how much I sleep but mostly I am simple young man =3

                I do have times when I act like a jackass (rarely). I'm shy in person but over pm I can talk about

                anything. I don't hide anything and I'm not certanly one to lie. I simply chose not to tell everything.

                I'm that shady person you rarely see walking around and standing further back away from crowd.

                It's not like I'm antisocial or anything I just don't like being in crowds but when I'm whit friends I

                love to chat about anything. ^^ 

Clotes: I usualy wear jeans and t-shirts but I do know to wear other outfits like ... =3

Looks: 179-182 cm or 5'8-5'10

          95-97 kg that would be ... 209-213 lbs

          My body type would be .. average, husky... what every XD but I plan on getting to 100 kg ^^

          I have light brown hair (darker in fall or winter).

          Green eyes and since I play sports rugby(in free time and profesionaly or atleast trying it will be 3 years in two month), basketball (whit friends).


Now about my fursona: Bear (half grizzly and polar bear)

                                 As for fur ... White except around eyes, muzzle, arms (from tips of fingers to elbow),

                                 legs (same as arms but to knees) and little stubby tail are brown. =3

                                 Green eyes, cute black nose. ^^

                                 Muscles on legs, arms, shoulders and back are nicely toned as for my belly it's nice and

                                 soft as in most of bears but under that nice, warm and soft ... "fur" XD hides brick wall.

                       Weight: 550 lbs

                        Height: 7'10-8'3



P.S. I love meeting new friends and rping ... Feel free adding me on skype dominik.bearboy but say where you got nick from ^^


species Bear
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jun 2013

Hello it's ay me  Ma... Awkward~

Soo ... Today I was playing rugby. For 4 hours straight!!

I had a brief break of 15 minutes before going back into game.

It was a presentation which turn in to some kind of tournament with only couple of my friends who knew how to play versus 8 teams made from first timers.

I can't feel my right leg, got hit into groin several times and then I lost it ...

I managed to get my hands on biggest and heaviest guy in oposing team and took him down hard.

Made contact whit my right shoulder right below his ribs, grab each leg and lift it causing pour guy to fall hard and complete body check.




Good this is that guy is alright, few bruised here and there and we're expecting him to come to a practice on tuesday ^^


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