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About Vampirewolf
Hey there its vampire wolf I can be many things but I have to say that the tiger is the one thing in which I like along with a black panther. I am a quite person who likes to rp most of the time and getting to know others.

Likes: kind people, Ice cream, animals, anime, roleplaying, drawing( but do not get the chance much), etc.

Dislikes: mean/ rude people, swearing, bullies, gore/ blood, abuse, anything bad or horrible in general. ^^
species Tiger
gender male
loves Anime, Anthro, Centaur likes Arctic Wolf, Bunny, Canine tolerates Angel, Bovine, First Person hates Bondage, Chemical Use, Chubby
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vamplust 2 years ago
Thank you but I just don't have the patience maybe in the future ;)
Lucas Kale 3 years ago
thanks for everything!
Zylen Andel 3 years ago
Thank you for the fav, my friend. *bows elegantly to you* I'm so glad you liked my story.
wolfie456 3 years ago
Hey, saw your post on the forums, if you ever get bored, you can chat with me :] I'm Michael (but I prefer Mikey)
Lily Vhendetta 3 years ago
*Chakat/Demoness* Welcome.
Ikato 3 years ago
Welcome to SF :)