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Hi ^^ I´m blackat a GIRL white jaguar with creamy yellow spots who loves to draw and teaching maths. For now I´m studying to be a teacher and therefore I don´t have time for anything else. I have a 6 years old son and my boyfriend talthec is a great artist.
I´ve been a furry artist for 4 years now, hope you like my gallery.

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species jaguar
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Latest Journal posted 05 Feb 2012

I thought I wasn´t going to come back here, but the new layout is amazing!!!

I decided to change my screen name, so to everyone that watches me here,

Now I´m at avatar?user=202025&character=0&clevel=0 zhuria Please watch me there!!

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uidsea 3 years ago
Yeah np. Your art is awesome!
zexd 3 years ago
the_cooler 3 years ago
keep it up and keep it cool!
runtt 3 years ago
Thanks for watchin'! >"^_^"
rouyuki 3 years ago
valereth 3 years ago
Your icon is adorable <3
Otlan 3 years ago
No Problem, you do really good work and I look forward to more of it n_n.
KGyiff 3 years ago
I miss the comic hope you come back soon =)
Katz Firepaw 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
Crasta 3 years ago
When are you usually on msn? :3