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About Torben
Ohh Gosh.. my English was so bad 4 years ago.. time to update this here.. well at least the head part to lazy to update the stuff below the first rating :)

Ok listen, I am 22 years old, i live in Germany and love to travel, so invite me I will accept gladly :)
I love to forge new relationship with man or Woman doesn't madder at all. 
I am a bit alone but that is ok my job is hard and I have nearly no time for myself so it would be awful for a partner to be at my site.
I love to prepare food for friends, I can cock, bake, create, taste and eat it so it should be at least a bit tasty I guess.. only got thank yous so far :)
If you wanna visit German, my home is open for everyone I life in a modern apartmend with a modern lifestile cable of fullfilling nearly any wish and I am even a good company :) Just try me :)

My German version of how i rate story's:

1/5 = Absolut mies, sollte nicht mal hier hoch geladen werden
2/5 = schlechter als der Durchschnitt es fehlen Satzzeichen, die Vorgänge sind schlecht beschreiben, die Story ist mies
3/5 = Die meisten Storys, solide Story und abgerundete Handlung halt nichts besonderes und nichts schlechtes, etwas zum lesen und entspannen.
4/5= Eine Packende Story die sehr gut beschreibt und sehr gut Fesselt, sie hat alles was man haben muss um nächtelang nicht schlafen zu gehen weil man das unbedingt lesen will.
5/5= Das Absolute Non Plus Ultra, eine Geschichte die so fesselnd, so gut durchdacht und vor allem so viel rüber bringt das man selber meint direkt mit am Lagerfeuer zu stehen und die Hitze zu spüren die das Feuer abwirft.

English Version:
1/5= So poor it shouldn't ever been uploaded here in the First place, like an abomination.
2/5= Not so good as the average, maybe missing some serious Story line or good grammar.
3/5= The average. That is a GOOD THING! You have a good story that i would buy in the Store if had enough Money and time to spend.
4/5= Splendid a really good Story, perfect Story line and it temps you to read through the whole night without considering your Job in the Morning.
5/5= A Masterpiece, did i mention the Work in the Morning? Forget that you can't stop reading until you are finished, call work and Order sick!

species Black Scaled Dragon
gender male from Munster, Germany
loves Biting, Cloacal Sex, Creampie likes Encasement, Feeding, Feet tolerates BDSM, Bukkake hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Chaps
58 submissions 1 roleplay characters 33,363 page views 348 comments received 1,307 comments posted 12,497 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Dragon Males
  Dragon Females

Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

Ok Ich Glaube ihr habt alle Lange genug gewartet.

Das Letzte Update ist schon etwas her und ich muss ein paar Ankündigungen machen.

Zuerst einmal zu den Von mir Positiven:

Ich schreibe mittlerweile an 4 Büchern mit RPG Partnern.

Ich habe zusammen mit Schattendrache vor ein paar Wochen (Ich Glaube es sind jetzt schon 6) Mit Buch 3 Angefangen

Die Sonnen von Mur "Götterdämmerung" so heißt das Dritte und warscheinlich letzte Buch der Reihe.

DSM 1 und DSM 2 sind ungefähr gleich Lang und DSM 1 ist ungefähr 1.5/3 Upgeloaded. Vielleicht etwas weniger.

Also freut euch noch Jahre auf DSM :)

Diesmal zu einer Sehr sehr Guten nachricht für mich:

ich habe mein Eigenes Buch begonnen, es ist ein ernstes Buch was ich an den Man bringen will, es wird kein Yiff etc geben und oder wenn dann nur angedeutet.


Und als Letzten Punkt in den guten berreichen. Ich Suche einen Korrekturleser, dem ich DSM Als Kapitel Schicken kann der es für mich Korrektur lie...

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Koori_Flaps 9 hours ago
Mruwr, I wanted to say thanks for the favorite and such! I'll try to improve my skills and to upload maybe a bit more frequently, it's a tad hard for me to write since English isn't my main language but well!

I'm trying! ^.=.^
Dubstep Otter 3 days ago
Hey thanks for the watch, it's greatly appreciated. :)
Noxious Photon 3 days ago
Thanks for watch and all that other good stuff!
Yogoloth 1 month ago
Thanks for the burst of votes! I'm glad you like my stories and hope you both go back and check my order ones (like Origins) and keep reading as I produce more!

I have lots of story ideas and minor/major plot arcs semi-planned. I love to challenge myself and try new things. So hopefully things won't get too "same-y"!

I look forward to any feedback you may give!
Koori_Flaps 1 month ago
Thanks for the kind words and for the favorite! Heh, I'm actually surprised my story is getting this much attention I must admit. English isn't my native language so it's rather hard for me to write things like this but well, I guess I'm trying! Anyway, thank you, once more! ^.=.^
Vanguard Dragon 1 month ago
Thank you for the welcome ^^ I know it has been a long time since that moment, but I've started to realize how much I missed this site. The last time I was here was when it was still called Yiffstar, so probably around '08 or so. Yeah, it's been quite a long time.
Cheetahs 3 months ago
Torben! I guess it was just a matter of time before we encountered each other in this small, small world. Thank you for the watch and the fav. Actually, my gratitude extends farther than that. If you wouldn't have pointed this site to me all that way back when we hanged in "order of the crystal dragon", I wouldn't have been here and have such a blast.

Now, getting back to writing. It shames me to say I don't have any great dragon stories uploaded at the moment. "The Rogue's Drake" is a bit better than "Game of scales", but...yeah. It doesn't rise up to my extravagant standards. We'll see what the following chapters bring, but I don't have any ETA on the next one.

Azusis 3 months ago
I shall try! There are more stories planned. Stay tuned. :]
Torben 3 months ago

Just for you I would raise my Tail sexy Blue Dragon:)
Yogoloth 3 months ago
I'm glad you enjoyed my story!
capthavoc123 4 months ago
Thanks for faving!