About Grey the Floydian Sergal

Name = Grey
Species = Northern Sergal
Age = 18
Orientation = Omnisexual

Grey is a Northern Sergal from up North. He is a student at the local college, studying Graphic Design. He lives with three other furs from this college. Despite all being male & all having pretty much the same orientations, they aren't attarcted to eachother so they have no murry purry business. Grey loves his classic cars & has owned two. His first was a Triumph 2500 S but he quickly swapped that for a Mk2 Capri 2.0 S in blue with a black vinyl roof. He calls himself a Floydian due to his love of all things Pink Floyd.

He is keen to meet new folk. So keen that he'll be very tempted to walk up & say hello. If you get on his nerves though, you'll wish you'd never been born


BTW- If you wish to contact me about my commisions, use my E-mail. hancockshire@hotmail.co.uk


Also, when I'm in a chat room, I get very annoyed when people leave the room after a simple hello. If I ever say hi, don't bugger off because I find it very rude & ignorant. Another thing, I do not follow stereotypes as I find that they are premature. Especially things made about people with red hair. It's childish & pointless. If I catch anyone doing that, I WILL have words

His Theme song
species Northern Sergal (from Up North)
gender male from United Kingdom
loves 70s, 80s, Comedy likes Doctor who, Kissing, Telepathy tolerates Bad Language
43 submissions 1 roleplay characters 39,725 page views 383 comments received 589 comments posted 7,058 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Automotive Furs

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Latest Journal posted 01 Apr 2012

I've decided to do a small comic strip with my 'sona which will be done in the style of the Plusnet ad except it will be like a tour of a town. So, I need volouteers for...

Local Minicab (need three)

Local Bobby (policeman in British uniform. Will also need someone to be the bloke who he's trying to control)

Local Fire Juggler

Local Mechanic (Taken by Nakisisa)

Local Fireman (Fire Juggler will be included here too)

Local Bloke who shouts at ducks

Local Pizza(man)

Local Stuntman (someone who doesn't mind jumping off a kerb onto a thin crashmat)

& Local Solicitor (someone who doesn't mind wearing a suit)

I could go the whole hog & put different things in but I just can't be arsed but if you are interested, send me a PM & keep watch on the comments because that's where I'm going to post updates.

Participating in this strip is perfectly free & if you want me to add something, discuss with me & I'll see if I can mak...

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tasunka 3 months ago
Ooooo... NICE artwork. You get a BF? And... a CAPRI???? Cool!
Dean Shaw 10 months ago
Hey my English friend! How are you doing?
Grey the Floydian Sergal 10 months ago
aye well thanks. Yersel'?
Dean Shaw 10 months ago
*with a Texan accent* I'm doin' fine, thanks! I'm headn' for my bed to catch me some Z's! ^^
tasunka 1 year ago
I handnt seen the one with the come hither look... lol... what was the comment about it being rape only if the male was unwilling?
Ah've always said t'at wi' sergals, it starts as rape but towards t'end, it becomes a mad love fest
tasunka 1 year ago
He looks ready for the start icon_biggrin.gif
tasunka 1 year ago
Oh, the new one is good!
what new one is good?
RioSpark 1 year ago
*sips tea*
Eyup. Had lots of fun tonight. Thanks \^-|-^/
RioSpark 1 year ago
*Winks and giggles* Heheh~ More than happy to be of service~! ;3
RioSpark 1 year ago
And I likes your art as well~!
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
Hey, how are you?
Erm, fine thanks. Ta for t' watch
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
No problem.
Flygon 1 year ago
Use the Borg as a plot device, it never fails. :B

On a much more serious note, thank you very much for watching me!
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Second y've given me
Duo Theus 1 year ago
Indeed, but still quite fun yes
Aye, also... *rapes*Everyone must have their arse spread by me before friendship can occur
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~shrugs~ Its only rape if one resists
tasunka 1 year ago
Hoping that grinning Sergal will be on later... I need a warrior/carnivore fix...
tasunka 1 year ago
And funny about the reliability of the Triumph... my last car was an Olds Aurora 4.0 V8... best car I've ever owned... when it ran!
haha, sounds like it wants to be british
tasunka 1 year ago
Oh, good... a Brit wannabee car... just what I needed... Well, fabulous car, and it's gone now! NowI have an MKZ Lincoln... fun to drive!