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Yes I can do better, 
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Pen Name: Tempest

Spices: German Shepherd 

Height: 7'4

Occupation: ( Ask Gillian)

Minor Info: Tempest, in a nut-shell, can be described as, complicated, hardworking, and most of all grumpy. Behind his loose and ruffled fur, lies a harder layer of defense, however he will give a paw, help the needy, and above all else, crack a smile for those dear. Raised form birth by his deceased grandfather, Tempest grew to understand his 'softer side' and to give respect to achieve respect. He may be described as, "An Honest Man" or "A Vengeful Beast" depending on your relations to him, but his friends describe him as courageous , honest, and dedicated. 

He devotes himself to the Sapphire Dragon Gillian Sapphire, not due to chains or curses, but because of his choosing. As the man who aided him when no other would, Tempest not only shares his birth name with this man, but he answers his requests with a nod and a bow. Though he may bicker and argue with the otherwise outrageously lazy and unpredictable silly dragon, he surely does respect him.

Hobbies: Per takes in the culinary arts and swimming. 

Dislikes: Disorganized and lazy dragons, paperwork, removed vacation, sister and father, tomatoes, terrible cooking of cousins, chemicals, Aura 


Raised and born in a nomadic tribe of accused lycan's, Tempest was abandoned by his father, the current leader, to be raised by his grandfather. His sister however, was raised as a powerful wind mage, gifted with the blessings of the wind, something he lacked. As horrible as the experience may have sounded to others, those were days he recalled as nothing less then 'heaven', he was raised like no other pup, taught to swim, fish, play sports, and hunt. His grandfather supporting him whole heartily, giving him the gift of laughter, and shielding him when sorrow reared its ugly face. When he turned 13, he was given his grandfathers pocket knife, rich with his heritages history, only to discover that his grandpa was merciless  murdered protecting him. After that day, he became the slave of that same viscous murderer, a mad mad who only knew pleasure in brutality and humiliation. Teaching and raising Tempest by the term of 'pet', the teachings were so brutal that in due time, he began to fear his very own power, his aura. Afraid of what his master power had tampered with, he never truly recovered from his 7 years of imprisonment. 

In the future, he did once more achieve freedom, finding rejection in his old family, but confront in the familiarity of Gillian, his most valued partner, and the other proclaimed "Deities of Elements", Saundra, Alexander, Kissaki, and so on. It was strange, living in such a community, never witnessing the self-proclaimed "glory", or the brutal glares of being worthlesst. Strange it was, but this was his family. 

For more Information look up Gilian, at

species German Shepard
gender male from Austin , U.S
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Latest Journal posted 02 Oct 2012

Hey guy's, I've looked at my past worked and then myself. In under 5 mouths I've gone from horrible digital artist to...pretty good digital artist. Now, in honar of that achivement (and in desperation for money) I'm opening an art sell of two ref's I did in the past. Now, they suck, I can say that all ready, but...I am making 2 COLOR, your choice of color, icons. Now depending on who you buy is who you get the icon. These are the ref's I will be selling.

The Ren Ref and Atlas ref which can be found on my artwork page. As I said a, your choice of color, icon will be made upon purchase. Each will of the ref's will be 20 dollars. Would have been 10 or 15 with out the icons, but i need these 20's. :D

These purchases will be made via paypal, but tell me if your intrested. I am not opening yet I am just *cough* hinting *cough*. Anyhow, tell me what you think. To early or just about time to get in to this? I will all so, if this paypal thing works out, will open up for Icon comissions of 5 dollars e...

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