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About Dark-Blade
Before we get started, I'd like to INFORM you all of a Problem I am Having on SoFurry.

OK, For Some Damn Stupid Reason, I cannot Upload any Avatars, Pictures, Stories, Videos, And Music.

I can't Send PM's, Add you to my Watch, or basically anything else.

I CAN Send/Somewhat Reply to your Comments. I do not know what is going on with SoFurry, but someone needs to Tell Toumal about this Problem. I have tried Many Times to send him a Message, but nothing is getting to him. So, I would like some Help on this Problem, because without help, I can't Talk to you in Private, Upload Pictures, Videos, Avatars, etc. So Your Help would be Appreciated.

Some more things you Must know about me before we Continue, If you would Please Look at the Things I love, Like, Tolerate, and Hate, you can understand a Tiny bit more about me. But I will warn you.

I Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT LIKE GANG BULLSHIT! One of my Best Friends was Killed in a Gang Drive-by. And I for one will not Rest until I see every Gang-Banging Son of a Bitch is Buring in Hell, and I want to be the One to Send them there! I suffer because of her Death, I suffer, because no one does any god Damned Thing about these Mindless Animals! They are Mindless Animals, and should be PUT DOWN! All they care about is Sex, Drugs, and other Gang Bullshit! How many people have to Suffer until everyone else sees this Shit happen? How Many of your Friends and/or Family do you need to Lose by these Assholes until you Take action?

I'm Sorry about that, but when you Lose someone you hold dear to you by these Animals, you'll truely understand.

Now, again, before we Continue, you must know this:

I am a Multi-Character RP'er, a Multi-Universe RP'er, a Romantic RP'er, still working on the All out Violence RP's, a Para-Rp'er, a Paranormal RP'er, I am basically curious about the Thousands of RP Styles, and I want to Try them all out.

My Interests(and other things) are Weird, Creepy, Disturbing, etc. These Interests are as Follows (This will Increase with Time.):

1. Girls with Tentacle(s) inside or Surrounding their Vagina.

2. Herms (Hermaphrodites)(Perfer Fem-Herms).

3. ANIME (Of All Kinds).

4. Swords, Shields, and basically Medieval Stuff.

5. Dragons.

6. Scalies.

7. Furries.

8. I'm a Krystal Fan.

9. I want to Create my Own Video Game(s).

10. I am a Novice Author, still working on my first 2 books, but lost Insperation of late, due to Depression.

11. I am a Nove or Apprentice Artist, I draw many things, but not as well as you all can. Again, due to my Depression, I have lost Insperation to draw...

12. I can Create Characters for People, if they want a New Character. I can do the Bios, but not actually Draw the Character.

13. I am not one who goes for the Child Molesting Stuff, I do not know why people who are a LOT OLDER than me think it's Kinky. We are trying to STOP "Pedophilism", not Increase it.

14. I am Strictly Against Child Pornography, I do not care if it is ANIME, an old Child's Movie, I don't care, if it Involves a Young Child(or more) having Sex with Adults, or other Children, I will do what ever it takes to Enforce the Law against Such Stuff.

15. I am a person who Likes to be EQUAL with EVERYONE.

16. I believe that people over the age of 12 are able to Date others at least 8-10 Years older than they are, as LONG as it is out of TRUE LOVE. Anything else other than TRUE LOVE, I Strongly Advise you just stop.

17. I am an Emotional Person, not an EMO or a CUTTER, I just get all sorts of Emotions towards certain things, parts in Movies or shows, and certain times.

18. (I do not know why this is but....) I perfer the Company of Girls more than Guys, I do not know why though...

19. (This might Scare you people, if you are the Scardy type.) I want to get a Trans-Hermaphrodite Surgery, I believe that I was to be a Herm, maybe God wanted me to be a Herm, but Satin messed with his Plans.

20. (Not sure if you Believe in Religion or not.) I Believe in ALL Religions, Except Satinism, that is not a Religion to me. As I said, I like ot be EQUAL with EVERYONE, even through Religion.

21. I say Sayings that are often True, some were actually inspired from Movies and Video Games.

22. (This might sound Weird...) I want to Experiance Giving Birth to a Child, I want to know personally the Pain Women go through to Bring New Life into this World, this also goes with my Trans-Hermaphrodite Surgery.

23. I am Kind, Gentle, and Sweet, as long you do not anger me.

24. I can be EVIL at times.

25. (This Revolves around Religion) I Can Actually Speak to the Angels, who reside within me, but not those who Reside within you all. I am Believed to be God's Chosen One. I really do not get the whole Idea myself, but I am to Save Humanity from God's Wrath, this comming year of 2012. I heard that the End of the World is supposed to happen on the 21st of Dec. of 2012. I am not one for Doom-Saying, but I think that is something to THINK about. If you Listen to me, not that you will by your Choice, I may be able to Save Humanity from the Coming Destruction. Again, I have no Idea what the Angels are talking about really. All I know is that I might have a Hidden Power within me that could make me second to Jesus, that doesn't make me Jesus, nor am I the Second Coming of Jesus. Throught out History, Behind the Scenes of things, there have and always has been a Chosen One of God. Look at Hitler, he was the Chosen One of God, but used and Abused his Power and thus took his Rage out on the Jews, and other Countries. Yes, that little "Cult" his Mother was the Head of KNEW he was the Chosen One of God, but they were after their OWN Agenda. I am the only one of my Order, that I am aware of, I do not know if any of you Believe me on this, but Please Trust me.

RP Characters (Main, Will Grow with Time):

Species: (Dark-Balde Vol.1 Universe)Human/Demon/Dragon

(Dark-Blade Vol.1 Universe)I am 17(19) years old, and I live in the Tanazaki Empire, Japan(I wish, but I really live in Texas).

Species: Skedar(in the Star Fox Universe)

Dark-Blade(Star Fox Universe): I am 17-20(19 RL), I am in the Grandala System with my Team, Star Blade. I am on a Mission to Avenge my People and our Holy Planet, I have also been on Many Unique, Strange, Odd Missions during my time in the Space Era, my People are Tribal and don't know anything about Star Ships or Technology, but I had to adapt to Survive. I was an Assassin, but when I got enough money, I Bought an SS Class, Medium Planet Sized War Crusier, that I call N17-342 "Dark Star-Destroyer ". My People can use all the 5 Schools of Magic, but my Chieftess has Personally Perscribbed the 5th school of Magic, which is Dark Magic. Though you may see me as an Evil Being, I use it for Good, never did I use my Magic in the Assassination Missions.

I may sometimes Speak in My Skedar Language.

I am also in a Relationship, but Never Mated (Had sex), My Relationships are always too far... I need to Feel my Lover's Comfort. Not just read it... :(
species Skedar (A Rare Reptilian Race)-(Skedar-Hupavowyziik)
gender male
loves 3D, 69, 420 likes Abduction, Drowning, Koopa tolerates Abuse, Carebear, Cheating hates Censored, Drugs, marijuana
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Of course we can. Feel free to PM me
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Hey hun.
Pleased to make your acquaintance!
I'm typically involved with my mate, and friends of my mate... But, I'm friends with a lot of furs, and... Maybe we can be friends too.