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I like stuff, do you like stuff. #moonarmy #wolfarmy species wolf
gender male from somewhere in the middle of nowhere NJ, United States
loves Anime, Anthro, Arctic Fox likes 70s, 80s, Akita tolerates Anatomically Correct, Coyote, German Shepherd hates Alternative, Alternative Spiritual, Classic Soul
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Latest Journal posted 26 Aug 2013

so i changed my name, no biggie. uhh go swat kats

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Hedronal 6 months ago
In regard to your comment on my faux mtg card, Adaptive Area, was that for the original text, or the updated version?
Jim Wolfie 6 months ago
all i know was the one i originally saw was just worded weird.
Hedronal 6 months ago
It has since been corrected, to be clear, it only taps for one mana
WolfBeast 10 months ago
like it?
Jim Wolfie 10 months ago
love it
WolfBeast 10 months ago
you sure? XD do i need to edit anything for ya?
Jim Wolfie 10 months ago
i'm one of those types who let the artist have more control than me. it adds a degree of flavor when i have to artists do a characters differently
WolfBeast 10 months ago
alright ;) thanks
Tiger37 1 year ago
HI from Spirit Claw.
Kimono-Box-Fox 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch, Nick. =)
MetalWingedWolf 2 years ago
lol love your avi pics, really dying to be able to read the things. And Wolves + Energy Drinks = Awesome. Srsly, Awesome.
Jim Wolfie 2 years ago
Hmm , I seem to agree with that :D
Kitsune Warui 2 years ago
I LOVE YOUR AVI!, thanks for the watch
Trunchbull 2 years ago
yup she's my niece :)
Sun 2 years ago
Thanks for the support and wonderful comments you give me and my stories. :) It makes me giddy
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
thanks for the fave!
RuthofPern 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch