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About Kyler The Umbreon

I've been here since June of 2010, I think?.

 My story Loves Embrace is officially put on hold. I just haven't had much luck with the next chapter, and considering Redemption to be a failed story.

*New Notice* Appearently I was wrong about Redemption and there are furs that like it. So, I'm going to get back to work on it.

Okay here's somethings about me.

I'm 19.

I love to read and write story's, for the moment I write Pokemon but I would like to branch out a bit and create other furry story's. As for reading, is pretty much anything. I also love furry art.

I have no art talent what so ever. My favorite writers are Alba, Amberwolf, Darkdragon33, Enigma Eevee, Felix9, and MasterG, and Mysterydude.

species Shapeshifter
gender male from United States of America
loves Adventure, Classic Pop/Rock, Halo likes Action, Amnesia, Blackmail tolerates Bible
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Latest Journal posted 08 Jan 2013

So how long has it been since I last posted, 6 months, 7?

I haven't died, yet, and been on and off busy and stuff like that. I think the last journal was about my grandfather, who I dearly miss and things aren't the same without him. Anyways, I would like to take the time and mention that in 2 months, I will be leaving for a few months. No internet, no connection to the world at all. The reason behind this, I am a enlisted member of the United States Army, I managed to pass my ASVAB and have picked out my MOS, all this happened back in November, sorry it took so long to mention it.

I'll try in between PT, and studying to attempt to push out one final chapter before I leave for Basic Training.

For eveyone who has read both my storys, and liked them, I am truly thankful for your support, and am sorry I couldn't be a better writer.

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Zac00195 4 months ago
I love your story Love Embrace it was one of the best pokemon stories that I have read, my favorite pokemon are the Eevee evolutions so this story is amazing and awesome i do really hope you dont give up on it...
ArtyomRussianfox 11 months ago
oops meant loves embrace
ArtyomRussianfox 11 months ago
are you still working on sorrow and joy? you left a huge cliff hanger.
Kmlrock 1 year ago
Hey! i just wanted to say I've read Sorrow and Joy as well as Loves Embrace and after reading chapter four you definitely left me wanting more. Good Job and Good Luck! :)
Blue Eevee 2 years ago
HEY been while problem with pm for some reason cant send anything
Blue Eevee 2 years ago
also another problem i cant upload please help ill explain everything later why i havent talked lately
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago
Hey man. I'll try to help anyway I can.
KennetheArcanine 2 years ago
I made a theme for Kyler the umbreon. Will you please take your time to listen to it and tell me what you think
KennetheArcanine 2 years ago
So... How is your comp doing?
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago
The same, scroll locks up and I must log out, no Email, and other stuff. So the same.

I'm guessing you want to know when the next upload is?

KennetheArcanine 2 years ago
Course! Always! But still... Sucks that the machine won't work. To me it sounds like an easy malware program you can make in notepad. But perhaps i'm wrong. Dang i'd help you more if i could! :S
Joey the Umbreon 2 years ago
Dude your story is like really amazing I love them now I am in chapter 3 of Sorrow and Joy. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Keep up the good work bro :)
Kyler The Umbreon 2 years ago
Thank you. Hope you enjoy the serie's.

By the way, Chapter 6, and Loves Embrace Chapter 1 contain Inapproitate content for those under the legal age. So be wary of those chapters.
Blue Eevee 2 years ago
Hey there i was reading your storys and there brilliant
I want make story of my own but im strugglin bit i was hopin tht u got any ideas u like to share plzzz =3
Redwolf2005 3 years ago
thank for the stars ^^
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago
You're welcome. They're great pictures.