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About Eben Black
Hey, I'm Eben :3

I'm a laid back British wolf, living in Birmingham, in the UK. I'm an amateur photographer by profession, but love writing and drawing furry folks. By all means drop in and say hello, I don't bite unless requested, and feel free to comment, rate and fave any of my pieces that I upload here. Can't wait to hear from you all!


A little bit more about me....

Full Name: Eben Black
Age: 24
D/O/B: 27-01-1989
Species: Wolf
Height: 5"10
Weight: 13lbs
Build: Muscular
Piercing(s): Bottom-lip
Fur Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Sea-Green
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Role-in-Bed: Bottom/Vers
Profession: Amateaur Photographer
species Wolf
gender male from Birmingham, UK, England
loves Adventure, Anal, Anime/manga 163 submissions 66,534 page views 1,163 comments received 397 comments posted 11,654 profile views
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Jessie Shadowhold 1 month ago
Hey, now I'M BACK. looks like you haven't written anything in a while, have you? You're artwork is getting better though.
Brimtooth 1 year ago
Love your style dude!
Frost Razor 1 year ago
What happened to WOLF pt20 and the episodes in between 27 and 30?
Eben Black 1 year ago
I've been told about this a few times. The chapters are uploaded because I can see them on my profile and other users have commented and rated them and such~ if they still aren't showing up them PM me and I'll send you the URLs :3
Frost Razor 1 year ago
Hi Eben, Hope you got my msg =). Really exited to read it.
Hammerfist 2 years ago
Read Beau, Pull of the Moon, and The Beasts and Brave today. They were mighty fine reads! You've got a new fan!
Eben Black 2 years ago
Thank you, and sorry for the long reply, been a tad busy :3
Foxtoy 3 years ago
Thanks for the fav. It really means alot to me.
Eben Black 3 years ago
Its cool fella~ by all means take a look at some of my work if you like reading romance/smut xD anything too serious is marked as part of a series, but I have some smaller stories you might like xD enjoy
Jessie Shadowhold 3 years ago

Eben Black 3 years ago
Sagisou 3 years ago
If that's true you have such a crush on me, why aren't we talking yet?
RoketTiger 3 years ago
I must say that, in my opinion, you're the best writer on here! :3 keep up the good work man
Eben Black 3 years ago
Dunno about that mate lol but thanks for the support :3
RoketTiger 3 years ago
Lol well either way you have a spot on my favorites list! :3
TreacherousVixenn 3 years ago
Oh, oh. I was only gone a few weeks and you've spawned so many stories. <@_@> I'd better get reading, aye. :D