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species Grey Wolf
gender female from Nanaimo, Canada
loves Anime, Bareback, Biting likes Albino, Anthro, Autofellatio hates 420, Anal, Bukkake
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Latest Journal posted 17 Apr 2014

Offer has been filled!

I've been contacted to create a 5 to 6 page comic for someone and while their character is to be featured prominently, they don't have characters for the other two spaces in the comic. Rather than make up generic girls he's agreed to let me sell off the spots to others!

Normally, to get a 6 page comic from me, the cost would be $120usd. However, if you want to participate, your cost is a mere $40!

Now for the story details. I don't have it all sketched out yet, but all you need to know is that the main character is this lovely vixen (nsfw). The premise is that the character I just linked has provided two girls with some marijuana (drug use is a theme I don't normally draw) and after smoking, they can't find their money to pay anywhere. So they are told they can pay if off in trade. They all then have sex (each girl gets double penetrated) and they go on their way, not realizing their wallets had been nicked just so the scenario would play out like...


Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
i saw you're animations and i just lol'd at the awesomeness of them. You deserve a watch X3
zenia 2 weeks ago
hehe Thanks!
Koukatsuke 2 weeks ago
No need ^_^
BlackpawBadger 1 month ago
Hey! Glad to have found you here! :D
laserslutboy 1 month ago
Awesome art zenia
XaelChameleraptor 3 months ago
your art style is super duper :3
Silus Eridian 4 months ago
Love your style of art, love the doodles most of all lol.
Skyeofwinn 6 months ago
That icon x3
Wolfx241 6 months ago
Love your art ^^
Mr.Ryan 6 months ago
hey toniy sent me ^_^
Snow wolf 327 7 months ago
Love your artwork Zenia
Eres 7 months ago
auuugh such cute artwork!
zenia 7 months ago
:D Thanks!