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species Grey Wolf
gender female from Nanaimo, Canada
loves Anime, Bareback, Biting likes Albino, Anthro, Autofellatio hates 420, Anal, Bukkake
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Latest Journal posted 28 Feb 2014
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I loved reading all the nice words you guys had for me. :)

I had a good 31st! I bought myself a cute plushie anglerfish (a Hanklerfish from DFTBA Records) online and with amazing timing, it arrived in the mail on my birthday! I did have to work at my tailor shop all day, but I made sure to have all the work done before closing so I could actually leave on time for once. My sister (who is also my flatmate) picked me up after she did her grocery shopping and drove us home.

She suckered me into washing the dishes... I didn't mind though, 'cause she has a bad back and hurt it while digging her car out of the snow. Otherwise, she was going to have done them for my present... which is what I would have loved, 'cause we have both been far too busy lately to do them so they had kinda piled up. But I didn't mind, 'cause it is more fun to wash them if she is there to put them away when they are done and we can chit chat with each other. While d...


Koukatsuke 1 week ago
i saw you're animations and i just lol'd at the awesomeness of them. You deserve a watch X3
zenia 1 week ago
hehe Thanks!
Koukatsuke 1 week ago
No need ^_^
BlackpawBadger 1 month ago
Hey! Glad to have found you here! :D
laserslutboy 1 month ago
Awesome art zenia
XaelChameleraptor 3 months ago
your art style is super duper :3
Silus Eridian 4 months ago
Love your style of art, love the doodles most of all lol.
Skyeofwinn 6 months ago
That icon x3
Wolfx241 6 months ago
Love your art ^^
Mr.Ryan 6 months ago
hey toniy sent me ^_^
Snow wolf 327 6 months ago
Love your artwork Zenia
Eres 7 months ago
auuugh such cute artwork!
zenia 7 months ago
:D Thanks!