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Hi there! I guess if you're reading this, you're curious about me. It's pretty simple, really. 

I write stories and paint pictures with words.

Mostly I'm the author of the serialized adult fantasy novel, "The Dragon In The Dungeon". It begins when a young human woman is re-assigned to be the caretaker for a massive dungeon's only inhabitant, a mysterious old dragon. Following those simple yet heartfelt opening installments it has become so much more and has touched people's hearts far deeper than I'd ever imagined. I'm incredibly proud to say that its opening installment was listed as SoFurry's Top Story of the Year for much of its first year of release. Though its year long eligibility is up, it continues to climb the Top Stories of All Time chart, and I'm very thankful to have received so much support.

More recently I've also begun another serialized fantasy novel beginning with "The Black Collar." It is a much more mystery-shrouded story concerning a dragon bound by the titular artifact to defend the very town which put the collar upon him. This story has only just begun, and I hope you'll dig into it and watch the mysteries unravel.

Of course from time to time I also post shorter stories with dragons or anthros in various compromising positions, because hey. Who doesn't love those?

If you're still curious about me the person, well I'm a male who lives in the USA. As far as fursonas go, I consider myself a dragon who often dreams of being a coyote. Take that for what you will.  

Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile! I hope you enjoy my contributions and the words I write.

Thanks as well to Valyrym for re-editing my profile. If that makes sense to you, have a cookie.

species Dragon, Dreaming he's a Coyote
gender male
loves Action, Adult, Adventure likes D&D, Domination/Submission, Drama hates Amnesia
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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2014

It's...my....birthday! ::Throws confetti for himself, devours chocolate cake:: 

I've officially managed to survive another year. Which, for me, is a pretty big deal. Have dealt with health issues off and on and off and on again for years now, took a bit of a downturn again about a year ago, but I press on! Cause why the hell not, eh? Gotta live life while you can, and enjoy it whenever you're able.

So! Hooray for survival. 

Thank you to all my wonderful fans and friends for giving me reason to keep coming back here, day after day, and posting so much of my work here, month after month. I'd make a joke about getting me a present, but really, the fact you all love my writing so much, and offer me so many kind words and so much encouragement is present enough.

Of course, if you really wanna get me something, I do love fan art, gift art/commissions, music, fan fiction...::Grins:: Just kidding, of course. 

Thank you for all the support on everything I've shared with you!


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RMMLusitania 3 days ago
Is there going to be a Dragon Tribe 5?
runebeast 1 week ago
Thank thee greatly for watching me, sir. :)
Of The Wilds 1 week ago
No problem! Loving your art.
billsc26 1 week ago
Thanks for the +fav on the bandana pic! I appreciate it.
Of The Wilds 1 week ago
Quite welcome, it's very cute! And very much in line with my mental image of anthro cheetahs.
billsc26 1 week ago
Thanks so much! It's in line with mine too :-) Obviously it was the artist's as well.

I'm slowly copying stuff here from my FA profile if you want to see what else I've commissioned.

Thanks for the reply!
VerdaZair 1 week ago
KillerCod. he recommended you. pretty cool guy, so far he's been rather much like a guy version of myself, ironically!
Of The Wilds 1 week ago
Ah, yes, I know him pretty well, at least from the chat. Good guy! I hope my writing lives up to his recommendation!
VerdaZair 1 week ago
None, yet. a friend of mine mentioned you, and suggested i read some of your stuff. sady, i've not been able to start yet, so i watched you, to find you easily! :) looking forward to some reading time!
Of The Wilds 1 week ago
Ah, cool! I wonder if I know the friend then? Glad they recommended me, hope you enjoy the writing!
Dakota Darkwolf 2 weeks ago
I've started volunteer Maiden and it's good so far! :D
Dakota Darkwolf 3 weeks ago
I'm Zeta's mate! I'm new to sofurry. All the sad lines you posted on twitter finally got me interested in reading. Where should I start?
Of The Wilds 2 weeks ago
Ah, awesome! I thought it might be you, as you're the only Dakota I know, but wanted to be sure! Hi!

The stuff I posted lately is from The Volunteer Maiden. There are 5 chapters posted here, that would be a good place to start if you'd just like to read a chapter at a time. Nothing sad posted in that story yet, that will come later when I finish it and get the rest edited!

If you want more to read, or a longer chunk of story, or something with some heavier emotion earlier, you can start with The Black Collar. Two installments of that posted so far, but both are novella length.

My longest, and saddest, is Dragon In The Dungeon. It's also my most popular here, and my most explicit/erotic, especially early on. The heartwrench kicks in later, hehe.

Zeta's read all of DitD and Black Collar so far, so could ask him which he recommends first, too. Don't know that he's had a chance to read Volunteer Maiden yet. ( It's my most recent. )
dragontamner 3 weeks ago
ill take it as a no you cant
dragontamner 4 weeks ago
any chance we can get an update on maiden, black collar, or ditd?
Of The Wilds 3 weeks ago
Nothing that I'm ready to post, lol. Sorry!
dragontamner 3 weeks ago
its fine it was worth a shot also you inspired me hopefully i can at least show you that once i possible release my first part of my story if i can get over how bad i currently am at writing
Viradectus 4 weeks ago
Hey, thanks for the referal to CopperGryfon, absolutely loved the story, so much so I have a hardback copy winging its way to Scotland right now! xD Damn you for making me spend monies! (Sorry I didn't reply to my shout, I can't seem to access them!)
Of The Wilds 2 weeks ago
Lol! No problem! Very glad you enjoyed her work so much, that's awesome! Sorry about your inability to access shouts though. Maybe if you open a Trouble Ticket and report the error they can get it fixed!