08 Sep 2009

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Posted 08 Sep 2009 05:00
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Giftart - Natasha

Giftart picture for this user:
of her fursona Natasha. She was really fun to draw and color.

No stealing!

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Dikran_O 4 years ago 0
Ohh, I love those colours! And who doesn't love mesh? 5/5 only because that's as high they'll let me go!
Sehphiriot89 4 years ago 0
YUM and yaya this is my fav :) 5/5 i can keep on my desktop :) i like you styles :)
Sehphiriot89 4 years ago 0
hope i pay 50$ i get fucked her in my private room :)
Silvador 4 years ago 0
gorgeous as always
love looking at your art, it's prime work
can't wait till i can do the same
can't wait to see your next piece either