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23 Oct 2009

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Carnate Island part 1

#2 of Carnate

Carnate Island part 1

"There's got to be a stronger word then hate, e...

Carnate Island part 1

"There's got to be a stronger word then hate, everyone use it so loosely!"-Dr. Cox/Scrubs


Damitri (c) by Laureli ObsidianFang from "The Unexpected Chapter 1"

When the file on the silver male dragon one Mr. Damitri LaMore was just filed away in a large filing room among the rest of the profiles of common scum in Feb. 2004. Was sickening that our way of thought still assume the ovaries and dismiss anything that is out of the norm.

So on July 2009 I took Damitri's file from the Denver PD and then headed to the federal prison known as "the Alcatraz of The Rockies." there I found out that only a week Damitri was moved to Abbott State Penitentiary. I find it a bit odd to do so soon, to a young male dragon that raped a female panther in other words why send one prisoner across the US?

I latter asked the same question to the warden and that quickly ended up as a dead end.

The next two days at the hotel's gift shop where I found "Carnate" by non-other then the guy I was looking for Damitri LaMore on the back was his photo. He had not aged a day then in his mug-shot taken 5 years ago, I found out that he now lives in Portland. Main.

If you are not familiar with history and recent events Abbott State Penitentiary in Maryland is now known to date as the worse prison in the US after Mansfield State Penitentiary in Ohio closed in 1990.

Carnate is 10 miles off the coste of the coast of Maryland, the prison was opening a case file and meet up with Damitri.

Long story short I met with Damitri who is the top seling non-fictshion writer in the US.

This his story.

-LT. Corp./Major Lt. Duncan Umbrella/213

Tuesday September 22, 2009/ Thursday Oct. 22, 2009


Chapter 1

March 2, 2004: Damitri arrived at Carnate on a small boat then brought to E-Block two miles away from the death house connected to an exercise yard.

Damitri only spent 3 days at Abbott when the earthquake hit at the time he was in his cell with his room-mate. If you remember the monster started showing up vary shortly after the earthquake one slipped through the bars killing his room-mate and the only thing Damitri was a small shiv made out of a broken chunk of mirror held with a rubber band to a tooth brush. Moments after defending himself a young female German Shepherd/Black Jackal hybrid in a guard's uniform.

Her back story is a bit shoter, her mate died in a prisoner uprising five years earlier and took up his job as a CO for the prison.

He calls her over "Hay CO, what's going on?"

She said "I don't know, most of the main power is out, I need to get you out of this cell but first you have to get rid of that shiv you have in you're paw."

Damitri said "sure."

Damitri dropped the toothbrush shiv into the toilet, flushing it down and then puts his hand paws onto the bars and said "okay, I'm clean."

The female CO polled out the key out of her pant pocket and said "keep you're hands up where I can see them,scum-fuck."

Damitri said "I didn't kill him, that spider thing with swords did it!" keeping his hands up as the female open the cell's door.

The female hybrid searched his pockets and said "Okay, I think I can trust you, just don't rape me."

He said "that was not really me, that was my dead father!"

The female hybrid said "Right now, that doesn't sound far fetched, we need to stick together if we want to survive follow me, we need to get you a flashlight."

Damitri asked "where can I find one?"

She said "there are flashlights stored at the death house we have to go through the one of the exorcize yards, let's go."

March 5, 2004 6:34pm exorcize yard: there Damitri found a flashlight on a picnic table and a larger shiv out of a large chunk of steel, he then turned the flashlight and clipped it to the lapel on his prisoner's uniform and said "CO, I found a flashlight, do we still have to go through the death house or is there another path back at E-Block."

She shook her head and said "we still have to go through the death house, there is a way out at the basement."

Back story: the death house was the admidastrashion building when Carnate was an army base and held German POWs in WW2 and the basement was once the prison's isolation cells and then was closed off in the 1970s.

Once inside through a large steel door and into a dark hallway the female said "we have to go down that hallway."

Damitri unclips the flashlight from his shirt and follows the hall until there path is a blocked by rubble.

The female said "there is a door through the storage room.

Once when Damitri approached the steel door an odd sound coming from within the storage room then he turned to the female CO "shit, more of them, I count to three and I open it."

The female nods and polls out her gun and said "ready."

Damitri said "okay, 1...2...3!"

Damitri swings open the door and a slicer leaped out, he stabbed it and once he knows it was dead two more came from the rubble he yelled "let's get to the room, now!"

When the female CO got through the door, he shut the door.

Damitri puts an old wooden char under the round door handle and said "that's close."

6:36pm: at the other side of a second door was a dimly lit by old over hanging lights with dark green "lampshades" hanging only by a black wire.

Both rushed to a brighter lit area the exit but the door was locked, then Damitri saw the female CO's brass name tag with the name Jessie Stone.

Damitri said "locked, where do you open it?"

Jessie said "it's at the security station."

She then try to open the steel door then said "It's locked, but there is a key at the admidastrashion room, you stay here in case more of those things deside to pay us a visit."

She then rushed off leaving Damitri alone in the hall at the area between the doors to the death house showers and D-Block.

There where Damitri stood until he sees a male husky in a tattered CO's uniform walk a door to the death house showers once the steel door closed Damitri rushed to the door opening it saying "hay you, we need you're help!"

Once inside the showers a locker opened showing Damitri a large key, then the male husky showed up in front of him, his dark blue uniform tattered, torn and charred, most his face is badly burned and he said "take her, get off this island with you!"

After words Damitri ran out of the showers and then polled Jessie out from the admidastrashion room and she asked "what's wrong?"

And Damitri said "this island...."

Chapter 2

At the security station 6:40pm: When Damitri gave Jussie the key she asked "where did you get the key?"

Damitri said "Sammy, a husky..."

Jessie asked "how did he look?" tearing up.

Damitri shook his head "he looked like hell."

Jessie starts crying and swung open the door to the security station, Damitri soon held her close calming her down and she asked "who was he, who was Sammy?"

She said "he was my mate that I was going to get hitched at the old chirch at Goodsmonth before he was killed in an inmate uprising, he was beaten half to death and killed by a Molotov Cocktail five years ago.."

After calming her down some more and she said "you're nice for a convicted rapist, what's the deal?"

Damitri sighed and said "my dad took me over and used to rape my girlfriend, he also killed mom before killing himself, I know you don't one dose..."

Damitri was about to walk off until she grabs him and said "I do."

He asked "do you really?"

Jessie said "yes, I can see it that in you're eyes."

Then she kissed his muzzle before she walked over the control penile, pressing the large button and open the gate to the rest of the death house.

6:44pm: at a wider hall with a star case going down and she said "go get you're self a gun and came back."

At the brake room: trying to find a large revolver in a locker with a Xombium ad and a map of the death house on a large wood table then Damitri rushed out to meet up with Jessie, the revolver is one of the larger type that you don't see much anymore the type that was used by cops and feds in the 1930's.

Once halfway down the staircase Jessie said "stop for a moment let me opened the gates."

She ran down the steps and entered a second security station and then opened the gates.

At the next room a flashlight from WW2/Late July 1944: 30 German POWs that the guy that was in charge at the time thought who was responsible of sending the base's cornets when a German Horton 229- A1 crashed at the shoreline.

On one end of the large room the 30 German POWs are tied onto wooden chars and hooded waiting to get short, on the other end two men with M2s that latter shot all 30 POWs to death.

Then when Damitri was back at the present Jessie rushed to Damitri and asked "are you okay?"

Damitri said "yea, I don't know what happened to me."

Jessie said "you need to rest there is a holding cell here."

Note: I know that it is odd of a head of the base will order 30 German POWs to be shot full of holes and the same fate to 5 of his own men, Carnate Island makes people to heightened extremes, there are places like that like Alcatraz Federal Prison the evidence of such extremes from the prisoner uprising in 1947 to the "gas chamber" cafeteria and it's protocol to trap everyone, prisoners and guards alike inside and turn on the nerve gas leaving no survivors.

I remember a similar event on a "Scariest Places on Earth" from a 2003 episode about Alcatraz and the underground tunnels left over of the Civil War fort where a Union General being court-martialed after shackling and killing Confederate POWs and Pro-Confederate civilians in the base's tunnels.

Damitri ask "what is behind that door?"

Jessie said "that is the morgue, there is a two way radio there, I will see who is still alive on this island."

Damitri said "we need to stick together, I need to come with you."

At the Death House morgue 6:52pm: the death house morgue is also the death house's make shift medical center and was in stalled when the prison was opened in 1948.

Before Damitri can turn on the light, the light for the operating table turned on then he realized that this is still not his time, now this time it is 1973.

Death House Medical Center 1973: the exacousaner at the time Hermes T. Hyte walks in and looks over a body then said "I never look at there bodies before there dead."

Looking around after the flash back there was a corps with his head loped off and a blood trail all over the floor that seems to disappear at the wall where the chemical bottles are.

Where Damitri turned on the lights the corps at the radio desk and the blood on the floor vanished in a split scent.

-End of part 1-

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Master Sgt Duncan 4 years ago 0
Don't worry, the story will get better along with showing more on Carnate's history.

I will try to be as laget as possible.
Silverblade18 4 years ago 0
Nice, I own both of the Suffering games. You have some spelling and grammar but nothing major. I like the story so far.
Master Sgt Duncan 4 years ago 0
Thank you, I needed some incarrigement. ^^
OldBlackCat 4 years ago 0
Looks pretty good so far, got some errors here and there, but it seems interesting, if you want I can edit things for you to correct spelling and grammar errors that I find, I know sometimes it helps to have someone else look over your work to find the little problems in it. Just let me know ^_^
Master Sgt Duncan 4 years ago 0
I will have that in mind, thanks. ^.=.^