18 Nov 2009

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Dust, Blood, and Fur Part 2

#3 of Dust, Blood, and Fur
She remembers an explosion. The shock woke her up and caused her to jump from the bed. The source was obvious: Red Water has come for them. The town didn't wish any part of the war. The military left the small town alone, and the rebels saw no advantage of occupying. That meant Red Water had their eyes on this little town. When the mayor refused to give into the extortion of these bastards, they warned him he would be sorry. They were right.

"Run!" she heard her father yelling, loading shells into his shotgun and pumping a round into the chamber. She grabbed her hunting rifle and headed out with him. The two followed a crowd of people trying to escape when Red Water APC's rolled in front of them and blocked the path. Already near the back of the pack, they turned heel and ran the opposite direction when a familiar voice cried out. She looked back to see the corpse of her mother pinning down her younger brother. "Kyle!" was all she could yell before an explosion ripped her mother and brother to shreds. "Jenny!" her father yelled to her in an attempt to get her to move, but all she did was stand there until her father came back and physically pulled her away.


"RISE AN' SHINE, MAGGOTS!" rang out in the bunkroom. The shock caused her to jump from the bed. A male German Shepherd paced up and down the hall, inspecting the recruits as they stood in line.

Jennifer Gibson stood to attention, her rabbit tail remaining stiff behind her back, the long, dark red hair she should have has been reduced to smoothness down to her brown fur, and bright blue eyes locked forward.

"Congratulations," the sergeant called out. "It's now the last week before graduation. Don't expect a graduation ceremony. In the middle of this war, that's a luxury we can no longer afford to do. Instead, we will be riding your asses harder to make sure you don't die your first day out there. For some of you, it shouldn't be a problem." He looked briefly at Jenny before continuing. "For the rest of you, be sure your tags are on. Now make your bunks and get to the mess hall." He threw a salute, which was instantly returned, and turned heel out of the bunkroom.

Jenny didn't need to join the military. She didn't want to fight the rebels. Her grudge was with Red Water. Even before she enlisted, she scored dozens of kills against them, and without military issued weaponry. She was already a deadly sniper, ad this only made her better.

The day started as usual. Crappy breakfast, a few miles of jogging, pushups, sit-ups, time on the range, and other combat training, then a crappier lunch. After some rec time, another run, more time at the range, obstacle course, then some more rec time. Her spotter, Steve Kibbutz, trained with her as they went. The badger male stood just a little taller than her with a thicker musculature, also with hair trimmed down to his white fur with a pair of black stripes.

"Five more days, Jen," he announced excitedly. "Jeeze, I can't wait to get out there and tag some fuckin' toes!"

"Charming," she replied.

Although they were a team, their viewpoints on one common enemy was different. Steve enjoys voicing his disdain for the rebels. He believes they are committing one of the worst crimes by turning on their country. By that time, Jenny would give him a history lesson, and he would shut up after telling her he didn't ask her for a history lesson.

Jenny, on the other hand, saw the rebels as civilians who wanted only to ensure their personal safety in socially and economically tense times. When pushed by the government, some decided to push back, and soon it became a popular thing to do. Though she doesn't condone what they are doing now, she felt they had a right to form a militia. The first time she talked about it, someone brought up Red Water. Nobody ever bought up Red Water in front of her after that.


The five days passed uneventfully. Now was the time for their graduation. In the old days, there was a ceremony with your family and the families of the other graduates. Now it was a pre-recorded message from the Commander Forbes, the official face of the military. For everyone, even those who met him, that is all he is. It wouldn't take long to know the man would be nothing had it not been for his looks and ability to make shitty things seem golden.

He is a charming looking panther with short-cut hair and combat dress. He was sitting behind a desk and smiling proudly to the camera.

"Greetings, South Port Academy," the panther said in a commanding yet pleasant voice. "I can't begin to describe how proud I am to see so many eager young furs that are prepared to serve our country. I understand how hard your training must have been, but I ensure you that it will all pay off.

As you enter combat, keep in mind those who depend upon you: Friends, family, anyone and everyone who claims the right to be American. Keep them in your hearts, and..."

"Hey, Jenny," Steve whispered to the sniper. "Did you hear about Forbes' latest fuck-up?"

She chuckled and lifted an ear enough to listen. "No, what?"

"Heard he lost about fifty soldiers in an explosion. He's looking for new snipers."

She chuckled under her breath and stared at the panther's recorded footage. "...Soon, we shall have paved the road to a better future. Thank you, and good luck."

"Hooray for us."