03 Jan 2010

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Posted 03 Jan 2010 15:43
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This is my baby. keep your paws off him. unless he likes you and asks me if he can have a sniff. then we'll see. a very old piece in terms of my digital art.

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Nekokiddo 4 years ago 0
HOT! x3
Toumal 4 years ago 0
It might be an old piece but still more than up to be featured!
Morocu 4 years ago 0
Very sexy :)
Sehphiriot89 4 years ago 0
YUMM sexy i wanna taste and take pants off !!
James Matrix 4 years ago 0
Stud muffin. Mmmm
Goddy 4 years ago 0
Oldie but goldie :)
Klasht 4 years ago 0
oh, ill keep my paws off of him, but I'd definitely let him put his paws all over me ; )
Jacob King 3 years ago 0
Jacob King 3 years ago 0
I'd walk him around the park XD
Klasht 3 years ago 0
i'd walk him to the bedroom ; )
Jacob King 3 years ago 0
Very good XD
Klasht 3 years ago 0
or you could walk me ; )
I'm like him, only a lot more of a femboi ^^
Draglan 2 years ago 0
That's very hot indeed : )