10 Jan 2010

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Posted 10 Jan 2010 14:46
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First SF Story Published!

Greetings everyone!

Well, this seems to be my first journal ever as well so I'll have a little drumroll here as well heh heh.

With the new SF and all I guess I might keep up with this journal thing as well, perhaps it'll attract more attention to my humble writing <grin>  but anyway, just to announce that i have publised a new story called Beta which I wrote pretty much in one go on a horny Saturday afternoon. And even though it's such an ex tempore piece it seems to be doing pretty well. What especially pleases me are the numerous comments I have already received, that's just great! I also hope that now that I've got a new story up it'd get some new attention for my older pieces...well, at least I hope. SF seems to have gaine so many new furries that I'm quite sure there will be some fresh meat out here even as we speak looking for some smut...and I hope to provide :)

But anyway, file ends here.

Onyx Tao 4 years ago 0
Congratulations on your achievement!

Gruffy 4 years ago 0
Thanks for noticing, heh heh!
Blackfanged Leopard 2 years ago 0
Wow, to think SF was created over two years ago. Does not feel that long ago.
Gruffy 2 years ago 0
Too true! Not to mention, almost a year since the publication of BOBB and the beginning of my real SF career, so to speak! *chuckle* Can't believe I've written so much in such a relatively short time.