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22 Jan 2010

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Parallel Universe: Ch 1

#1 of Parallel Universe

The Transfer

Parallel universe. Alternate dimension. Other realm. All of these terms are connected with each other, which are dimensions. The 4 dimensions we see are length, area, volume, and time. The other 6 dimensions are still unknown to us. When all 10 strings are combined, these strings will cause major changes in our lives.
My parents own the P&M Gems, which excavates and cleans gems and crystals that are used to make jewelries. The mines are spread all across the world, which is one of the reasons why I travel from school to school. They need to observe the mines, making sure if they are working well or not.
Sometimes, they need to improve the area to make better profit. That's why they never pay much attention to the homes we stayed. In fact, I did all the home chores, like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and stuffs alike.
Because they were never at home, one year, I told them I could rent my own place. They were hesitant at first, but they finally agreed. From that day on, I had my own apartment every year. Even though I could live alone, my parents forced me to come with them, though I never really asked the reason.
This routine goes on and on without stopping. This year, however, changes a lot of this routine.
As usual, I got transferred to a new area. This year, I got transferred to Rockwood Academy, one of the most popular schools in the area. I felt very reluctant to go there, because the popularity causes plenty of rich students to go there. The rich students there are famous for quoting "Money Solves Problems", one of the "my most hated personality list".
I wanted to complain to my parents, but they said that there are no other schools around the vicinity. So apparently, I had no choice. I started to think that this year, I wouldn't make it till the end.
I arrived in front of the faculty office, meeting my new homeroom teacher. She's probably in her mid 30's with short brown hair and blue eyes. Her height is around 6'4", which is similar to me.
"Hi, you must be Michael," she greeted me. "Welcome to Rockwood Academy. I'm your homeroom teacher, Ms. Elijah."
"Nice to meet you," I shook her hand.
"You look really different from our students," she commented. I guess it can't be helped. This school usually has students who are neat and well dressed. My messy black hair, dark T-Shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers really made me stood out.
"Now then, shall we get you to your new class?"
I nodded and followed her to my new classroom. As she said, I really stood out from the rest of the crowd. I caught the attention of everybody at the small room. They kept staring on my very casual appearance.
"Please introduce yourself," Ms. Elijah ordered me.
I stepped forward a little and cleared my throat. My light blue eyes stared towards the huge crowd. "My name is Michael Stone. It's nice to meet you all."
"Now then, why don't you sit right over there?" Ms. Elijah pointed to an empty seat down at the back. I just nodded and sat there. As I sat down, I heard some of the girls in front of me started gossiping.
"He looks very laid back." "Why does he go to a school like this?" "Does he even know where he is now?"
"All right class, that's enough!" Ms. Elijah interrupted. "We have to be more welcoming to our fellow student, understand?"
Time ticked slowly as I waited. This is gonna be the most boring places I've ever been, I thought.
The first period bell rang and I sighed in relief that it's over.
"Michael, can you come here please?" Ms. Elijah called me. I stood up in front of her desk.
"Since this is your first week here, why don't you take a look around the campus?" she suggested. "Want me to accompany you?"
"That's alright, ma'am," I declined. "I can look around by myself."
"All right then," she smiled. "Your locker number is 09675, which is next to the culinary class. Here's the key for the lock," She handed me a small silver key with a tag attached to it. "Try not to cause any trouble, okay?
I nodded and exited the room. I followed the rows of lockers and found mine next to the Culinary Class. I opened the lock with the key and placed most of my belongings in there. As I closed the locker door, I noticed a Chinese girl walking out of the class. Her long twin pig-tailed hair and fancy beige skirt jumped up and down as she walked past the doorway. Her deep brown eyes match the sweater she's wearing. I know that I haven't met her before, but I felt like I have known her before.
"Hey!" she called me with an Asian accent. "You must be the new transfer student. My name's Mei Shou."
"Michael Stone, nice to meet you," I shook her hand.
"Hey, they're right," she commented." You do stand out of everyone else."
"Excuse me?"
"Well, your clothes really don't match with the rest of us."
I sighed of disappointment. Even she talked about my fashion sense.
"So, have you toured the campus yet?" she asked me.
"No, I was about to."
"Let me give you the tour," she tugged my arm really hard. "I'll give you the 4-1-1 about this place. Come on!"
I unwillingly got the tour around. We started our tour in the main building, which contains dozens of classes and thousands of lockers. To the left of it is the gymnasium. She said that it is mainly used for basketball and athletic practice. Behind it, a massive football field stands there with benches for the meet.
We passed another building to the right of the main building. It contains the cafeteria and library. I'm amazed of the amount of books contained in there. There must've been millions of them. Next to that building is the campus park. She said students usually go there to have some relaxation.
As we're passing the campus park, I still can't shake the feeling of knowing her a long time ago. I know I have only met her for a few minutes, but I felt like we've met each other for years. I finally stopped thinking about it and asked her straight out.
"Mei, have we met somewhere before?"
"No," she told me. "Why?"
"I think I've seen you before, somewhere"
"Are you trying to hit on me?"
"No, I'm being serious. I feel like..."
Before I could finish my sentence, a booming voice echoed towards us. "Hey! New Guy!"
We turned around and saw a towering giant standing in front of us. His height of 7'2'' literally beats mine. His blue eyes are full of anger and stared at me like I'm his worst enemy. His football jersey didn't do a very well job on hiding his very toned muscle.
"What are you doing with my girlfriend!?" He shouted on my face.
"Cool it Bryan!" Mei yelled back. "I'm not your girlfriend anymore!"
"Why are you going with this messed up guy!?"
"I'm just showing him around campus that's all!"
The both of them drew a huge crowd around us. I felt very uneasy about it as they continue to bicker like a couple.
"You're coming with me, right now!" Bryan grabbed Mei's arm forcefully. I knew she was in pain because her face winched at that moment. I knew I had to stop this now. I quickly grabbed Bryan's wrist and held it in place. He stared daggers towards me.
"It's very impolite to crush a lady's arm, Bryan," I coldly stared back as I forcefully made him let go of Mei's arm.
"Why you...!" Bryan can't control his rage any longer. He started to punch me towards my face. Fortunately, due to years of martial arts, I skillfully evaded the attack while tossing my books to Mei. The crowd surrounding us started to chant "Fight! Fight!" as Bryan gave me more punches that I could evade easily.
"What's the meaning of this!?" another voice looms above us. We turned and saw Ms. Elijah with a furious look on her face.
"You! My Office! Now!" she pointed at the three of us.
'Hooo boy...' I thought and sighed.
In her office, the three of us were standing in front of her mahogany desk. She sat on the chair on the other side, tapping right forefinger on the desk.
"What's wrong with you?" she scolded us with a very stern, yet gentle, voice. "First day in the campus and what happened? A fight happening in the middle of the school grounds."
"He started it," Bryan pointed at me. Mei and I turned our heads in an instant.
"What!?" we shouted together.
"That's low, even for you!" Mei yelled back.
"It doesn't matter who started it!" Ms. Elijah shouted. "All I know is that you three broke the school code in campus ground. Mr. Stone, Mr. Stellar, I have no choice but to suspend you for two weeks."
"That's not fair!" Mei tried to fight back. "Michael didn't do anything wrong!"
I stopped her from continuing, not wanting her to be involved. "It's okay Mei, I'm fine with this." I turned my attention towards my homeroom teacher and bowed down. "Excuse me..." I said as I exited the campus. To make matters worse, the weather started to change and the rain started to pour like a waterfall.
'Greaaat...' I thought to myself. Since I didn't bring any umbrella that day, I had to walk down to my apartment in the soaking rain. I arrived at my pretty cheap apartment down the street. I immedietely ran up the stairs, not wanting to use the elevator, and entered my room, which is room 413. Because some people believes that this room is haunted, cursed, or bad luck, I got it at a very low price.
The small apartment is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a diningroom. The floor is covered with wooden planks and the maroon wallpaper covers the walls. I tossed my bag to the floor beside my sofa and went to the bathroom. I filled the bathtub with hot water as I began to strip my clothes. I stared at my toned body in the mirror and rubbed the scar across my torso. It reminded my horrible childhood experience. I got that out of my mind and took a relaxing dip in the tub. I began to relax my tensed body in the cozy water. I was careful enough not to fall asleep in it and began to coat myself with soap and shampoo. After a good clean bath, I went out of the room and rummaged my bag. I noticed something was out of place.
"My locket! It's gone!" I ransacked the bag, hoping it was still in there. But as it turns out, it's really missing. The most important object in my life, disappeared into thin air. I groaned and went straight to bed.
"This is the worst first day ever..." I told myself as I began to close my eyes, hoping this day would end quickly.
Please, comments or feedback. This is actually my first story.

Icowom 4 years ago 0
I sense an interesting plot coming up...anyways I found absolutely no grammatical errors,spelling mistakes etc. .You're definitely worth watching.
IGambledWithDeathOnce 4 years ago 0
How did you NOT see all the errors. I guess you didn't actually read this. His shifts in present to past tense, as well as his fatal use of the english language in terms of Adjectives and descriptive phrases, or hell, even just trying to communicate what was going on. Half the time it was as if it was being written by an illiterate french-man, the other time it was alright.

That being said, I do think this story has some potential.
Faolan Bartholomew 3 years ago 0
dude harsh.
Talon Drago 4 years ago 0
I agree with Icowom
ShepherdMan 4 years ago 0
Make that three. I found this a very interesting story so far.
eveser 4 years ago 0
I noticed a few errors but nothing worth going through the hassle of fixing. And it's really good ^.=.^