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23 Jan 2010

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Parallel Universe: Ch4

#4 of Parallel Universe
As the hours count down, I paced around the living room, waiting for Mei to return home. I was already dressed up to go and see my brother, but I patiently wait for Mei. We already promised to go to Louis' house together, but I couldn't hold my patience. It's been 13 years since he went missing. I really want to meet him face to face.
'She's late,' I thought to myself. I peeked my watch and it read 3:10 PM. 'I remembered that she went home at around 3 yesterday, but what's taking her?'
At that moment, like magic, the door opened and Mei entered as she panted for air. Her sweat was rolling down her cheeks and fell to the wooden floor.
"Sorry I'm late," she apologized as she wiped her face with a tissue. "The class meeting is a little longer than I expected."
"What kind of meeting?"
"A discussion about the fight at school last Monday. Every witness I asked all said it was an act of self defence, so we're going to inform this to the school board."
"Well, we only need to cover the flaws or else they won't..."
"Okay, I think I pretty much get the idea. Now let's go!" I pushed Mei back outside again and went to Louis' house. Surprisingly, Mei told me that she lives just 3 blocks away. What are the chances of that!? Anyways, I rang the doorbell and Louis opened it. He was already dressed up in a black suit with a grey tie.
"Oh, Michael! Welcome!" He greeted us with a smile. Mei was speechless whe she saw him.
"Mr. Timberwolf!?"
"Wait! You guys know each other!?" I interrupted them.
"Yeah. He took a part time job as a physics teacher at our school every Friday."
"That, and the fact we're neighbours," Louis laughed.
"Is the wage as a law enforcer really that bad?" I asked Louis.
"Well, not if you have to feed 3 teens and 2 adults," he chuckled. We were a little confused of what he meant. When I was about to ask, he interrupted me.
"Come on! I'll show you!" He opened the door wide enough for us to enter.
We went in to find two new people in the dining room. The nearest to me is a blonde teen with emerald eyes. He wore a green jacket with yellow stripes. He was the first to stand up and greet us.
"This is Nicolas Hartcourt," Louis introduced him to us. "The other one is Tony Rigger." Nicolas shook our hands firmly. Judging by his well built physique and sports jacket with a football emblem on the left side, I'll say he's part of the school football team.
Tony, on the other hand, isn't as muscular as Nicolas. He's slim, but has some pretty well toned muscles. He's around the same age as him with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a simple polo T-shirt and blue jeans.
"I'm Michael Stone," I introduced ourselves. "This is Mei Shou."
"Nice to meet you," Mei smiled.
"Nice to meet you too," Tony respond her.
"You really look like Alex," Nicolas told me.
"Thanks Nicolas!"
"Just call me Nick, okay?"
"Okay Nick!" the five of us just laughed and sat down at the dining table.
"Where's Alex?" I eagerly asked them. They stopped and looked at each other before they turned their head to me.
"That's just it. We don't know." Louis scratched his head.
"What do you mean?"
"An hour ago, before Lionel went to work, he asked Alex to get some supplies in China town. He's probably running late."
"Why don't you call him? I mean, he has a cell phone, right?"
"Actually," Nick interupted, "he left it in his room to charge."
"So, no ways of connections? At all?"
The three of them just shook their head and the room became silent. Mei, on the other hand, was mumbling something that I couldn't comprehend.
"When you say China town, did you mean the one at Floriday avenue?" Mei asked them.
"Yeah, why?" Tony raised an eyebrow on her.
"This is bad..." Mei began to show some worry.
"What is it?" Louis asked the young detective.
"We have to find him! Quick!" Mei got up and ran towards the door. The rest of us followed and finally caught up with her.
"What's the problem?" I asked her.
"You remember Bryan, right?" Mei asked back. "His house is close to there."
"Does he want payback for getting him suspended too?"
"No, I know him that well. He wouldn't do something like that."
"Then what's the rush?"
"His older brother, Lloyd, is far worse than him. If something happened to Bryan, he'll call his gang to erase the cause."
"When you say 'erase', does that mean 'kill'?" Tony spoke out. Mei just nodded and now I became more worried. Bryan got suspendded because of me. Now his brother called a gang to 'erase' me. They mistook Alex as me because we're identical twins. As we approach our destination, we saw a group of thugs carrying different types of weapons like bats and pipes. They surrounded what looked like a teen and started beating him with it.
"There he is!" Nick pointed at the group. My instinct as an older brother kicked in and I dashed to the large group.
"Hands off my brother!" I yelled at them. They stopped hitting Alex and turned their heads towards me. In a split second, I already knocked one of them out with a flying kick. As the others turned their heads towards their downed ally, I made a spinning kick, hitting 4 heads in one strike. The rest of them started to swing their weapons at me. I simply evaded their attempts and struck them quick enough that no one could see. I lost count at how many people I hit until there's only one person remaning. His features are similar to Bryan, so I know he's Lloyd.
"You're gonna pay for what you did!" I glared at him furiously. My eyes burned with anger. As I took another step, he pulled a glock from under his jacket.
"Don't move!" Lloyd threatened me. "Or I'll..."
"Or what? Are you gonna shoot me like the other people you killed?"
The gun clicked and was ready to be fired.
"I'm warning you!" Lloyd pointed it towards my head. I don't know why, but I chuckled at him.
"You're going down before you got the chance to use that," I grinned at the potential danger I was facing. In another split second, I kicked the gun in his hand, making it fly high above us. As he stared upwards at his gun, I hit him with a right backhand, sending him to the ground. I caught the gun and pointed it at him.
"Not so tough now, huh?" I smiled at him.
"P-please..." Lloyd shivered in fear.
"I'll say it again, stay away from my brother," after the last sentence, I hit him with the handgun, knocking him unconsious. I handed the gun to Louis and run towards Alex. He was unconcious and covered in blood. There are bruises and cuts all over his body.
"We need to take him to a hospital!" Mei told us. Louis stepped up and drew some sort of circle on the floor.
"Mei, step back," he told her. Mei followed his order, a little confused of what he's doing. A flash of white light appeared from the circle and engulf Alex. Slowly, his wounds healed and he was scratchless. Mei and I was startled by this. Louis picked Alex up and turned his head to us.
"Come on!" He yelled at us. "We still need to take him to the hospital!"
We ran back to his house and drove to the nearest hospital.
As I waited until the doctor allowed us to enter, I used the pay phone to call my parents. After a few rings, somebody picked up the other line.
"P & M Jewelries, how can I help you?" a woman answered me.
"Yes, I need to talk to Peter and Marsha Stone please."
"I'm sorry, but they're busy. Can I take a message?"
"No! This is an emergency! Dorthy, it's Michael! I need to talk to them immedietely!" I started to raise my voice.
"Oh, sorry Michael. I'll get them right away. Please hold."
After what seemed like a minute, the other line picked up.
"This has better be good, Michael," a male voice answered me.
"Dad! I found Alex!"
"Really!?" dad's voice began to sound happy. "Where are you two?"
"Lightwood County Hospital."
A long pause sounded on the line.
"What?" dad's voice began to fade.
"We're in the County Hospital. Alex is in the ICU as we speak."
A thump was heard on the other side.
"Dad? Are you there? Answer me!"
The line between us got cut off.
I got worried and tried to call again. The woman from before answered me again.
"P & M Jewelry, how can I..."
"What happened to dad?" I asked the woman desperately.
"Mr. and Mrs. Stone said they needed to go to the hospital. Is something wrong?"
"Yes, my brother's in the hospital!"
"Don't worry. They're on their way. Sit tight, Michael."
"Thanks, Dorthy." I hung up and waited for them near Alex's room. Mei sat on the chair next to the door with Nick and Tony.
"How is he?" I asked them.
"He doesn't seem to have any sort of injuries," Mei told me. "What worries me is the concussion he's having. He's still passed out.
I sighed and turned my head around. I didn't see any signs of Louis at all.
"Louis is at the enterance, waiting for your parents. He'll take them here."
We waited what seemed like hours, until the doctor said it's okay to visit him. I slowly opened the door and walked to the bed. He seemed to be in a peaceful sleep. I sat down in a chair next to the bed and waited for him to wake up. Moments later, my parents and Louis entered the room and saw Alex. Mom was in tears when she saw my brother in bed. Dad just held her in his arms, comforting him as best as he could.
"I'm gonna leave you guys alone, okay?" said Louis as he walked out the door. The three of us just stared at Alex, hoping he'll wake up sooner than later.
I woke up again from an uncomfortable position. The hospital chair was hard, so I couldn't rest well. I turned my head around and saw the beautiful woman sitting there with near my brother. Her silky black hair rolls on her back and revealed a pair of light brown eyes that turned red after a long period of crying. She hasn't changed from her violet office suit. I got up from the chair and walk towards her.
"Get some rest mom," I told her. "I don't want you to collapse too."
"I'm fine, sweetie," she smiled at me. It's been a while since I've seen her smile like this.
"So what happened to him?" dad asked me as he entered the room. I decided to tell what happened from monday until today. The silence around us was heavy. Only the beeping noise of the machine covers it. Dad just sighed and scratched the back of his hair. His brown hair moved like a river and went down again as he crossed his arms.
"Trouble always follow you, don't they son?" dad smiled. We just chuckled together and heard a groan. We turned our heads towards Alex, who apparently has woken up.
"Alex! Are you okay?" I asked him.
He just stared at the three of us. He was a little scared from us.
"W-who are you?".
Alright, I posted another one since according to my schedule, I might not have the chance to post this tomorrow.  I'll also post ch 5 till 7.

Sayita Shyere 4 years ago 0
Hmmm.... not bad so far. The only problem that stuck out to me is how rushed the story feels.