25 Jan 2010

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Posted 25 Jan 2010 21:57
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Bruno and Fenris in: Guess why I'm annoyed?

This commission was made by: This goes after the story I did here: Bruno is being superly overprotective of Fenris to the point where he won't let Fenris go to much alone anywhere. Something really crampin' Fenris' style but atleast Freki is happy to have someone else to play with now besides Fen-Fen. This current scene is during the fullmoon when Bruno is in were form and making sure Fenris', who has been rejecting the meds to temper his own transformations, doesn't go anywhere. Can anyone guess when Fenris is annoyed? *Hint: Werewolves don't wear clothing. So where would Bruno's groin be right now? :D* Oh and if you couldn't tell, Fenris tail is waggin! Story to be written soon featuring the exact details of this situation

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Xakousti 4 years ago 0
nice pix.... *chuckles* keep up the good work ^^
Talon Drago 4 years ago 0
Very cool, and funny.
LockTheSilent 4 years ago 0
WolfsClaw 4 years ago 0
I lov it!! I would love to be under him too!! :D**
Brickhousebunny21 4 years ago 0
I'll take them both.
GotRabiesWantEm 4 years ago 0
anytyme anywere :)
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
looks like when my brother sleeps on me XD
kaleemmcintyre 3 years ago 0
Can you say Kodak moment?
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
XD sure is a Kodak moment. ^.^
Fenris Wolf 2 years ago 0
LOL! Now this one made me laugh when I saw it.
Coloring of Fenris in the pic happends to be exactly like mine, though I don't have that kind of scar on my face, and I don't know any Bruno. icon_razz.gif
I wouldn't mind to have that kind of blanket on me sometime, though. icon_biggrin.gif
MonsieurFoxy 2 years ago 0
O: (Foxy surprise!)
:D (Foxy smiles)
XD (Foxy lols Hard)
X3 (Foxy gets the joke-finally)