29 Jan 2010

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Posted 29 Jan 2010 00:00
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Hotel Advertisement!

This is gonna be a advertisement I send out whenever I get my own hotel. What do you guys think? Too exotic? Made by

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Sonic Fox 4 years ago 0
Nah, its perfect.
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
YAY! :) Come visit!
Sonic Fox 4 years ago 0
Of course. ^^
Oblong Pomegranate 4 years ago 0
I'd definitely stay there!
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
Book before June for special rates!
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 4 years ago 0
You mean when you get your male brothel, right? Obviously not a family friendly establishment, I see. :x
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
T-that's not true! It's total family orientated! And if some young pups happen to see any illicit acts going on after dark...the staff will just explain to them that this is how families get started. :D
looks awesome
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
The guy who made it did it for $8. Get one for yourself!
might come down and check it out hehe i might meet this handsome guy there
MrFox 4 years ago 0
Sadly i doubt the average American would get it... *sigh*
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
Americans are so repressed now the French...:D They'd get it!
MrFox 4 years ago 0
LOL, I LOVE the french!
Damien Voda 4 years ago 0
H8 teasers! almost as much as i h8 spoilers! now i gotta visit this hotel in order 2 kno wats under that towel! Otherwise i got 2 words 4 u: HAWT and FAVED! nuf said.
MrFox 4 years ago 0
May i quote you on that? That was possibly the most beautiful thing ever written in leet!
Damien Voda 4 years ago 0
i kno my mouth is droolin at the thought of seein wat the wolf is hiding! must c that huge package!
Damien Voda 4 years ago 0
an 2 answer ur question: yes it would b an honor an pleasure 2 have a wonderful writer such as urself quote me.
Fabel 4 years ago 0
sorry to say thats not leet :/ 7|-|15 15 1337 anywho nice picture either way
MrFox 4 years ago 0
Excuse me, my mistake, but what do they call it when sum 1 talks like that?
Fabel 4 years ago 0
im not quite sure but i know its not 1337 :/
Eh... the general public would have your head for that if you posted it up on the newspaper... but since you're going to send it out, I think it's more or less acceptable. ^^ It'll definitely point out the exotic nature of such a hotel, and probably repel the kinds of people you don't want (being a good thing. XD)

And plus, one huge rule about advertising (and I've taken a college advertising class) is that sex sells. This, my friend, will sell!
kaleemmcintyre 4 years ago 0
Who reads the newspaper anymore? We go with the digital age of linking our website with personal online dating websites and the such. Also by law I am within my rights to show such material since no explicit material can be seen, aren't custom made towels fun? ;) Also our hotel is very child friendly, we have cub masters and boy/girl scouts around for educational purposes as well when parents need a break.
Brickhousebunny21 4 years ago 0
He needs to remove that towel because I wanna suck and fuck him.
SenoraKitty 4 years ago 0
Mmm, so very nice. :3~ I'd like to join him. So hot in there....
Azur the m0vi3drag0n 4 years ago 0
There's plenty of room at the Hotel Yiffafornia. Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place) Such a lovely erection. XD
Kadoro 4 years ago 0
ill be there, get me a room, him and anyone else that wants to join in and we got ourselves a great time XD
RiyuuJinsei 4 years ago 0
i don't think anyone should be in the sauna when around a hot guy like that! anyone will start sweating =p you deserve that 5/5 and a fav, totally.
MonsieurFoxy 2 years ago 0
If ever you open a hotel and it's got this guy working the sauna, I'm making a reservation. ON THE SPOT.