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20 Feb 2010

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Posted 20 Feb 2010 07:42
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Rita Tablet Sketch

#37 of Scribbles & Sketches

I havent drawn enough Rita yet. she's my second character, and the character Im making a suit of

Character & Artwork © Lonewolf

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Cloud Ubert 4 years ago 0
Nice character plus beautiful drawing with your tablet.

Little question, this is what your model of your tablet ?
Foxfyre 4 years ago 0
Nice. ^_^
Sehphiriot89 4 years ago 0
Potter 4 years ago 0
Coool :3
Lando the Charizard 4 years ago 0
hey I noticed that whenever you draw with your tablet it looks like sharpie marker...
is it supposed to do that?
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago 0
well, it's 'supposed' to do whatever i draw and come out depending on the brush i use. this one happens to look like a sharpie to u i guess. but ya. its not broken or anything if thats what ur thinking. lol
Lando the Charizard 4 years ago 0
i just thought that with the tablet it would look different