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Black Project Files Chapter 14: Roswell part 2

#21 of Black Project Files first draft

Black Project Files Chapter 14

Inside Mr. Brazel's ranch barn: once inside...

Black Project Files Chapter 14

Inside Mr. Brazel's ranch barn: once inside the barn chunks of silver metal was shown to Joeseph when uncovered from a brown tarp.

Joeseph picked up a chunk of the metal from the pile and put it at a near by table.

Joeseph crumpled a smaller chunk like tin foul he puts it on the large wood table and the metal smoothed itself out on the table as quickly as Joeseph put it on the table, Joeseph put it on the table. Joeseph puts the bigger chunk, an I-beam with odd markings, he wrapped it in left over newspaper and slithered 4 miles outside the barn.

Joeseph placed the newspaper covered the I-beam on the ground and set it on fire with a match from his pocket, the newspaper burned around it and not one barn mark on the I-beam.


At the UFO wreck site 12:44:45pm 20 miles away from the ranch: covered trucks and jeeps at the UFO crash site, a crowd of on lookers from Roswell came by, the desert is 115-150 miles away from the town.

Most of the crowd came by from a roadhouse 40-50 miles away from the site.

The predeator of 30 or 40 square miles is fenced in and guarded with armed MPs trying to keep the crowd back.

Even though it was Mr. Brazel's ranch land he was kept out behind the wood blockade fence.

Joeseph came and lead Mr. Brazel 5 feet away from the site and spread his wings to block the view from the others on the site and told him "I'm sorry about that, I will have to send someone.


July 9, 1947 in Hanger 18 at the White Sands Air Army Base: Hanger 18 is the starting hanger that holds the wreckage and other items scattered on the floor of the hanger but when the month ends the hanger will fill up as rapidly as the hanger that stored of the wreckage after the 9/11 attacks that took place 54 years latter and by Aug. White Sands had to clear two other hangers. Hanger 16 and 17 to store more wreckage and items such as wrecked cars damaged equipment, public items and film cans of footage and est.

The wreckage sit in those three hangers until the items where moved to Area 51 once the new base was opened in the 1950s.

At the main office complex/the main mixed shower 1:07pm: Pvt. Ira Luciedos a dark green, red and light brown male naga took his dusty uniform off. Putting it into his locker then slithered into a shower stall with joint showers on a large steel pillar as a female wolf/bat hybrid in a skimpy battle outfit steps into the room.

Pvt. Ira Luciedos is legally labeled as Joeseph's son, born in 1933 some people say he is Wickenburg's son after the Wickenberg/Annabel Lee breeding program results was filed at the same year to who laid the seed is still under debate.

The female wolf/bat hybrid walked to the lockers she is happy to have some R&R time after intense combat training with a blue male dragon with with the name Locksman at the same pillar of joint shower she walks to the female lockers with a brass name tag with the name "Grace" on it.

Grace Von Browning is the latest edition of the combat until for Operation Paper clip.

END OF Chapter 14