21 Mar 2010

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Posted 21 Mar 2010 19:54
Last edited 21 Mar 2010 19:56
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The guardian of the wolf

The wolf felt secure and so he breath a sigh of relief as he layed his head on the massive paw of the red dragon. The dragon smiled and watched the sun fade behind the mountains. He will keep his new wolf friend warm between is paws, always careful not to hurt him. He finally has found a friend that not judged him for what he was.
A work from 2008 I think... It really was a lot fo work to draw the scales. But I do love to draw dragons. I hope I will have more time for that in teh future <3

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XenorosthXMD 4 years ago 0
Aw... Looks like Gems aren't all we dragons need eh?
Kraylan 4 years ago 0
indeed ^.=.^

although i do like my shiny things >.>
Lance Tersus 4 years ago 0
I see you! ^_^ I'm shiny you know. ^_~
Lonewolf17 4 years ago 0
your artwork never ceases to amaze, this is...
TheLooneyHorse 4 years ago 0
AIpha 4 years ago 0
*walks towards the shiny* ooooooooooooooooooo shiny... 0.0 *falls off cliff* AHHHH... in america! *hit floor*.... ouwies, anyway love it love it love it! always a dragon lover and you draw them exceptionally well, well you draw amazing in gerneral but you get the point 5/5 + fav
kotoga 4 years ago 0
i love your dragon.... they are so cute.....

drakona 4 years ago 0
WOW........i love it
Lance Tersus 4 years ago 0
that is one amazing drawing. well done!
Cyan and Zoe 4 years ago 0
your dragon is so amazing, i love it
Io 4 years ago 0
An absolutely amazing dragon & wolf. ^___^
Koji Haeos 4 years ago 0
That is very good.
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
Wow, I can't stop staring at rock! *-* =D <3 ^^
Jacob King 3 years ago 0