Nekoli Snow Leopard
29 Mar 2010

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Posted 29 Mar 2010 23:54
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Dawn Our Tanks The Grizzly Is On Our Side

Time and time we are fought, and we always win.

Time and time we do what must be done so our family may rest 

time and time we fight and we always win.

the great bear watches over us like a unstoppable force.

its mighty roar sending shivers off fear across the world time and time.

in the darkest hours the bear grows stronger time and time.

time and time, we shall win.

Dawn the tanks for ever ride brave youth, off to fight the mighty grizzly at you side.

Time and time.




 This goes to the victims to the the 3 subway bombs that went off in moscow

38 killed 68 injured.

Not like they will read it.

Tiberium 4 years ago 0
Tiberium 4 years ago 0
The lost will never be forgotten
Roddic 3 years ago 0
That is preaty deep, man!