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31 Mar 2010

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Posted 31 Mar 2010 06:49
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#36 of Scribbles & Sketches

just about how i feel right now.....

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AIpha 4 years ago 0
awwwwwwwwwwwww..... want a hug?
Kraylan 4 years ago 0
awe i'm sorry you feel that way hun. but at least you have a good outlet right? i hope you feel better soon you're such a great artist and i love all your work ^.=.^
zxzx24 4 years ago 0
your art is good you have loving fans show them a smile and then you will feel better to
GoneForever 4 years ago 0
I know how you feel.
DreamGod 4 years ago 0
It's almost 2:40 looking at this picture....I feel bad for ya, Wolfie....feel better!
Mark Wilds 4 years ago 0
aw i wish i could help with what ever reason you have behind being depressed
aww lone *guves her a hug*
omni_the_dragon 4 years ago 0
-hugs softly-
BlueSun 4 years ago 0
*hugs her* I know how you feel, I hope you'll feel better very soon...
Zion12 4 years ago 0
oh, sorry to hear that!! hope u feel better soon!! huggsies from Zion12! LOVE YOUR WORKS BY THE WAY!!
TheLooneyHorse 4 years ago 0
Don't worry be happy*gives origami flowers*for whatever reasons,try to be positive.
Wylderwolfe 4 years ago 0
aww D:
darkcanine 4 years ago 0
You have a lot of fans that care about you Lone -hugs softly-
Lando the Charizard 4 years ago 0
why the depression?
what you need is some TLC and a cup o' cocoa
Arkona Kothe 4 years ago 0
I'm sorry, Lone. Hope you feel better soon.
Kandi_Specopsfox 4 years ago 0
awwww ;(
Mikey Wolf 4 years ago 0
i hope u feel better soon lone. u still are a very good artist. get to feeling better and keep on drawing. i am sure most of us are waiting for that next page of that balto comic ur doing.

btw why are u so sad? just wondering.
flame wolf 4 years ago 0
*gives box o chocolate*
"Chocolate fixes everything, even a broken heart"...
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago 0
it can also be deadly. good thing im not allergic
flame wolf 4 years ago 0
really? hmm never heard of that
must be bad for the people who are...=(
Vilq 4 years ago 0
We are all with you:) Always!:) Remember that *hugs*
kimo 4 years ago 0
i feel like i'm missing something.... why are you so sad?
Robert Wolf 4 years ago 0
Too bad, hope you feel better. Hope you have someone to talk it out with. I'm not gonna suggest us. Sure if you want to talk to us we'll be here, but it's better to talk to someone that is there with you in person.
Good luck
Lwolfeh 4 years ago 0
Hi LoneWolf, my name's Lone Wolf.

A touching image, I feel sad now knowing a fellow wolf is sad.
I think I know how you feel, where you express yourself with art (which is amazing art I may add 5/5 +fav), I express myself with sayings:
"It's hard knowing the fact everyone thinks you have a wonderful, fun, happy, and cheerful life, but when you are alone, you cry for no reason, you just cry and cry till you feel happy and then when you are happy you want to feel sad again and just keep crying" I think that's how you may feel, am I right?

Hopefully one of my sayings might cheer you up:
"We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness. By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness"

but always remember that sadness flies away on the wings of time, long live wolves!