01 Apr 2010

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Posted 01 Apr 2010 17:59
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Pia as Mew

What I drew as a request on FA. Pokemon, soooo old. :V

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Dasher Cheetah 4 years ago 0
Aww, so cute. I like!
Kaleidoscope 4 years ago 0
Hooray! ^^
martian55 4 years ago 0
i agree with Dasher Cheetah, really cute!
Kaleidoscope 4 years ago 0
Thanks! x3
Gray Muzzle 4 years ago 0
I always agree with Dasher.....
Kaleidoscope 4 years ago 0
xD Hooray for group approvals!
Khira 4 years ago 0
my head almost exploded with the amount of sheer cuteness presented here!!!!
Kaleidoscope 4 years ago 0
Stare at my icon to resist the urge!
Khira 4 years ago 0
doesnt work, the cuteness is too powerful!!
Zero-J 4 years ago 0
old or not, I thing the public opinion stands.
This is cute as f*ck.
Kaleidoscope 4 years ago 0
Thanks! X3
arune 3 years ago 0
yeah, i think Zero sums it up adequately :D i've never seen a mew with such adorable soft-looking fur and eyes. great job :)
Rykela 3 years ago 0
This dragoness agrees, although I'd probably use a more powerful word than f*ck. XD It makes my eyeballs bleed with squeefulness.