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23 Apr 2010

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Posted 23 Apr 2010 19:54
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This is me during a online game and a immature loser (he can't get any kills or he thinks he's 1337) teabags my body! It's sooooo annoying!!! I yell into my mic (even though its off) and Jason usually just tells me to calm down and reminds me that it's "JUST a game!". And then he'll get upset at someone who lags or manages to get him but shouldn't of. Art by Linkin Monroe Linkin belongs to Linkin Moroe Jason belongs to Chaoklis

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TheCelt 4 years ago 0
...awesome..and so true
Damien Voda 4 years ago 0
This one is very funny. I like it
kai wolfheart 4 years ago 0
LMAO true indeed, although for some reason I keep getting spanish speaking, or older guys that are like married (children sounds in background) playing whenever I am >_>.
Dr2DUK 4 years ago 0
Let me guess, Halo3 ?
mugman 4 years ago 0
hay snap i do that all the time too remember its just a game besides kill more things and get a higher score lol
Reload 4 years ago 0
GoneForever 4 years ago 0
heh. i know how you feel.
James Teh Fox 4 years ago 0
go xbox bringing our viliont sides out
funny man real funny
Sonic Fox 4 years ago 0
Ah Halo, desecrating the dead for years. Good stuff.
k9k 4 years ago 0
ah yes, remember beating the dead bodies to make blood splat everywhere?
Sonic Fox 4 years ago 0
Remember? I still do it. XD
stickythedragon 4 years ago 0
Ha, this is just like me and my friend, me being the guy who says to calm down and then freaks out myself.
Sarah the Dragon 4 years ago 0
that lines funny mind if i use that some times?
Felix. 4 years ago 0
Im not too much into xbox, more of a nintendo fur. But this is a really funny picture. And when i actually do play i like to teabag
Pfhor 4 years ago 0
So true :) <- PC and xbox maniac fur :P
JVanAnKat 4 years ago 0
Valium is your friend!!
Io 3 years ago 0
I recomend Roche 2.0 mg, that will calm you dow whit a jaw open. XD
JVanAnKat 3 years ago 0
A dog that size? 5 MG. at least, and repeat x 1 if needed!!
halo is a truly amazing game
Foreverwolf 4 years ago 0
It does not matter what system you play, that statement holds true. And so it is... FUNNY AS HELL! I love the facial expression on you. The chin fuzz is a nice touch.
DreamGod 4 years ago 0
God, haven't I been there....
Novus Mutt 4 years ago 0
That's fucking amazing!!!!! I love that!
Stronzo 3 years ago 0
Something tells me we'd get along wonderfully.
Jim husky 3 years ago 0
heheh iz a tea bagger XD
Jim husky 3 years ago 0
heheh iz a tea bagger XD
Violent Silence 3 years ago 0
haha I'd pay to hear you get mad on Xbl. :3
Lunin wulf 3 years ago 0
XD my friend patrick sometimes teabags people he as killed in halo. hope you got that guy back tho linkin
Alastar Aindreas 3 years ago 0
the best part about teabagging is when the dumbass gets hit with a rocket (my corpse is cursed) ^.=.^
AIpha 3 years ago 0
the art of teabagging *opens the dictionary* ah yes... hmmm... interesting... *closes it* ... ahem, FUCK TEABAGGERS!!! DX sexully deprived 40 year old duded that still live with thier parents
Alastar Aindreas 3 years ago 0
aren't most teabaggers ten year old kids... i wonder who started teabagging.
Axanis 3 years ago 0
think it actually originated with football players (unintentional) during the beginning of the hike (don't know what that's called) and during tackles
Alastar Aindreas 3 years ago 0
that was rhetorical lol
Arkona Kothe 3 years ago 0
LMAO, happens all too often.
Axanis 3 years ago 0
lol you really need to see this then l
Dubbz 3 years ago 0
Northernwolf025 3 years ago 0
Linkin that is an awesome piece of art my friend.
lol i did that once
boredpersonwithtime 3 years ago 0
Lol, it happens to everybody.
triplexXxWerewolf 3 years ago 0
I don't have xbox, but man! whenever i play H1PC online mp i always get pwned by teabaggers, but when i get that n00b back, i teabag the flaming crap outta the other player.
(What you do to me i do it back to you 10 times harder)

triplexXxWerewolf 3 years ago 0
Awesome pic, 5/5 /fav
furryl_lover_23 3 years ago 0
i agree!!! teabaggers can go fornicate themselves with and iron stick
Keirebu Ookami 3 years ago 0
reminds me of 2002 playing Dragonball Z budokai sucking so I trashed hmm I think it was 20 controllers (still paying them off)
Alexander Deathwhisperer 3 years ago 0
OMG i could a sworn that was me there for a second!
That happens to me all the time in pvp in wow!
furr2k 3 years ago 0
LMFAO. This is soo true, try getting a 24 kill streak in MW2, about to get a tac-nuke, and than some bitch noob tubes you and than teabags you, even though he's on your team! At this point *que the non-sense screaming and yelling into the mic while your boyfriend watches with his jaw dropped*
Delnova 3 years ago 0
In every game that can croutch this will happen. I must agree with you so much. (although I'm guilety of the same when I was much younger to my friends in halo.)
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0
Careful what you say. Sink down to their level and they'll win by experience.
Linkin Monroe 3 years ago 0
My mic is muted most of the time so they don't hear the words -_-
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0
You'd never suffer these problems in the good 'ol days of Goldeneye : )
thelonewolf19 3 years ago 0
Yeah teabaggers piss me off too......
torren 3 years ago 0
i'm terrible at games, but i teabag every chance i get lol. it raises my self-esteem.
A SpaceFox 3 years ago 0
XD This is why I stopped playn call of duty because all I did was just cuss at everything and threw shit XD Dead Space 2 is awesome since you cant crouch to Teabag ;3
AlexanderxKiba 3 years ago 0
God do i feel your pain....but its even worse when you're the WEAKEST defensive class in a MMORPG... I.E. Warhammer online
you have all this power and you get owned before you can use it, and then the person spams /laugh or /lol at you and you feel like hanging yourself... trust me i been there.
White Whiskers 3 years ago 0
Inazuma_Okami 2 years ago 0
Okay my surprise is no-one asked for a gamertag