26 Apr 2010

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Posted 26 Apr 2010 22:56
Last edited 26 Apr 2010 22:57
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Me and Drake

Drakerogers drew this buddy pic of him and I supportin' the leaf like we all should be =)

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yo man can you give me some drawing pointers
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
says in the description i didn't draw it, sorry =/
Melena The Mansion 3 years ago 0
... I'll make you some munchies...
suicidal ewok 3 years ago 0
I love that sign.
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
i know rite? i cracked up when i saw it
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago 0
hell yes as soon as the day its legal crime will go down and everyone will be high and there shall be massive orgy in teh streets
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
damn str8, and it'll be taxed so we'll all have jobs and money again! =D

...if only that day were soon =(
Tokey 3 years ago 0
Ohhh no no no no! Read the bill fellas, it's not as great as one might think. Vote No!

The plan's to give the government complete control of cultivation and the market, no more private growers, no more private dispensaries! Towards the bottom of the bill it states that EACH plant in private possession will be considered a felony crime. Three plants: Life in prison.

They'll also stop handing out medical cards, which right now are so easy to get anyone can have one. The only people who will be able to grow in private, legally, will be the current medical card holders, who wont be effected by the new law.
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
The government will never have complete control, they just like to think they will; i knew all that and it more then likely won't get passed as that would fuck things up more, i just support the idea, not the actual movement.

as for the medical card...won't be needing one as im moving to Canada soon to be with my mate
Tokey 3 years ago 0
Ah, it is a great idea though, isn't it? Happy smoking, Asher
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
That it is; and thanks man you too, enjoy your harvest XP lucky
Depraved Indifference 3 years ago 0
Hm... pot rage... interesting...
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
uhhh there wasn't rage anywhere in there. have YOU been smoking? lol

it's called a conversation =p
Depraved Indifference 3 years ago 0
I dunno... saying "burn in hell" seems pretty rageful to me. It's not like I disagree with the statement or anything.

I just find stoners writing something like that to be a bit... odd. Amusing though.
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
oh xD i thought you meant our conversation; if you knew who he was you'd understand why people who smoke dislike him so much-it's not rage it's just backlashing
kitsunelover 3 years ago 0
8D protect the leaf! My fellow supporters are everywhere
Asherkun 3 years ago 0
yep, you cannot contain or destroy that which "god" gave us. it was for a reason lol