Blitzkrieg the Dragon
19 May 2010

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Posted 19 May 2010 05:22
Last edited 19 May 2010 05:28
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Feral Valkyrie and Me (Commission)

Another commission by Rokemi. Me and Val, a loving pair of feral dwaggies.

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Pandoren 3 years ago 0
Awww, that is so nice. Nothing like a pleasant walk with the one you love. Great job Blitzkrieg 5/5
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago 0
Tell that to Rokemi. She's the one who did this for me. ^.=.^
Vampire Panther 3 years ago 0
Well she did this well
Schattendrache 3 years ago 0
Really a fantastic image
Thorn the dragon 3 years ago 0
This is really nice, proof that Dragons aren't all death and destruction.
ijp290 3 years ago 0
Dragons were never death and destruction. It's always the humans! The poor dwaggies are only defending themselves against our ruthless onslaught!
stickythedragon 3 years ago 0
Here here!
stickythedragon 3 years ago 0
Gosh, they're cute. I prefer cuddling pics over porn when showing love. You can be with the one you love without being in them...
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago 0
Love is more beautiful than lust, for sure.
Schuyler 3 years ago 0
But love is somewhat relative to lust. When you love someone, you want to share everything with them, even your body. So what ive heard...
Grievous Girl18 3 years ago 0
AWW I wish that were me! *Pouts lower lip* <3
vovin 3 years ago 0
It's very sweet :)
Svansfall 3 years ago 0
That's so emotionally beautiful that it actually brings tears to my eyes. :)
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago 0
Sometimes clean love is better than steamy sex, amiright?
Svansfall 3 years ago 0
Absolutely agreed. I would even say most of the times.
Blx24 3 years ago 0
simple shading but still a nice pic ya got here squire
C09 3 years ago 0
Excellent! That is exactly what a soft skinned dragon should look like! I've been through hundreds of pages of dragon images and drawings, and this hits the spot! The muscles are defined, but not bulky, there's no unessescary spikes, and it demonstrates that dragons are loving, passionate creatures. If I could Draw worth a flip, I'd post mine, but i'm brand new to this drawing stuff. and I can accuratly call them dragons, as they are reptiles. No reptile in history has breasts. I'm very picky about my dragons, but yours are the best I've seen, and the most simular to mine. Sorry for the long message. Dancing Kirby! <('.'<) <( '.' )> (>'.')> (>'.'<)
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago 0
Hahaha, thanks a lot! That Kirby's cute.
Narune Watercrest 3 years ago 0
Awww such a loving pic.
Tallacus 3 years ago 0
Beautiful picture, it captures the shear beauty of dragons
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
aww now that is cute *nurrs*
dinoboy 2 years ago 0
they make a good couple