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25 May 2010

100 Sketch Challenge
27 out of 100- Rikoshi15 out of 100- Riffuchs13 out of 100 - Tsanawo1 our of 100-KodenDog2 out of 100: Fuzzypaws4 out of 100 -Kozi2you5 out of 100 -Buddywolf6 out of 100 -Zita7 out of 100 -Kralle8 out of 100 -CodyvFrost10 out of 100 -BigBlueFox9 out of 100 - Finnfox14 out of 100 - Phrisco

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Posted 25 May 2010 19:15
Last edited 25 May 2010 19:16
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10 out of 100 -BigBlueFox

#11 of 100 Sketch Challenge

10 th of the (hopefully) 100 Sketches of my current Sketch Commission. BBF is falling and it seems like someone is very pleased about that coincidence... :O Also want something like that for 10bucks? Check out my Commission page! Enjoy. See ya!! Neo P.S.: BBF (aka as CoyoteSnack) is © by himself Snirf have eaten his own Copyright once again.

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Lando the Charizard 3 years ago 0
lol Flying NOM?
Bam. Bang. I Love It. Ahhhhh.
Tantorog 2 years ago 0
would be glad if he was finally nommed and away from earth