05 Jun 2010

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Posted 05 Jun 2010 04:34
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Charge!!! (Colored)

I colored my last pic using my new tablet and coloring program ^^

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BlueSun 3 years ago 0
And colored is even more impressive *-* Your fursona is gorgeous, but not as much as you ^/////////^ *blushes shyly* <3<3<3
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Oh my, now I definately think you're flirting ^///^ My fursona is originally a red panda but I was thinking of changing it to a lion, maybe similar to this but with only one tail.
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
I know, in fact I love the way you drawn this variation on your fursona, it makes sense, and wow, that heavenly cute face you drawn is so stunning...

...and yes, not flirting just telling you what I really think about you...*hugs, smiling and blushing a lot, all in a very shy way* <3 #^_^#
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Well that's good that you're not flirting with me...after all, with the internet these days you have no idea who I could be. But you seem like a very likable guy who blushes a lot. You also seem very open and honest which is very refreshing.
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
Right, luckly I didn't meet any strange person yet =3 And, hehe, thank you *blushes immensely* I-I'm very shy with those I like and love ^/////////^ you seem to be a very cute and nice guy with wonderful ides that writes awesomely, and damn, when I talk to you I melt down....<3<3<3 ^/////////^ *smiles*
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Just be careful what you say to people, I wouldn't want a nice guy like you to be hurt by anybody. You're 21 (From what your profile says) but that doesn't mean you're invincible, you're still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Pace yourself and things should go well. Just know there will be bumps along the way, but if you're smart (Which I think you are) and prepared, you can always recover and go on with your life. I hope what I've said doesn't offend you in anyway but I want to make sure nothing bad happens to you ^^

I am, however, glad to know that I make you feel that way. And I hope we can become really good friends that can talk to each other about anything. ^^
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
You're very wise and kind, cute and adorable, being so wonderfully caring makes me melt down, I hope we'll be very good friends too ^///^ <3
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Very nice! I would totally play this game.