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05 Jun 2010

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Posted 05 Jun 2010 20:38
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Welcome to your new Fate!

This is me in the flesh, lol. This is a profile pic for my Fur Affinity account so I figured that I would upload it up here. Here is a chessy line for the pic, lol. "Welcome to your new fate, you belong to me!"

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Heuvadoches 3 years ago 0
Is that a plate on his head?
Sir Magus 3 years ago 0
Those are horns. I know probably not the best render, then again it might be the angle lol.
Beefy the Bull 3 years ago 0
you could give them a slight upward curve at the outer half. you look impresive though! i'd like to see more of this :)
Sir Magus 3 years ago 0
Well thanks dear Friend! Thanks for the vote and I will do that.
Igor the Boarman 3 years ago 0
This is one hort and sexy fate, I'd say!-D
Sir Magus 3 years ago 0
Why thanks.
DrAgOnOfFoReSt 2 years ago 0
Really sexy! I love those muscles... <.< >.> =D