11 Jun 2010

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Posted 11 Jun 2010 07:46
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My first all digitaly drawn picture. I'm a newbie so I know I can improve. But I do believe that I did a good job on this. I like blue ^^

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Wulfsky 3 years ago 0
Indeed you did do a good job ^^

btw, I like blue too ;)
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Thank you ^w^

Blue is awesome!
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
Wow, gorgeous! *-* <3
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Thank you ^w^
BlueSun 3 years ago 0
My pleasure, I LOVE blue! =D
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
Really well done, very good job. Only thing i would suggest is maybe work on the arms the left arm seems a little awkward, almost as if it wouldn't line up with the shoulder, and the shape of the right. I'm not trying to be picky but maybe use a bit more shading for the chest I found it really bright. I loved the head and body over all. And like you said though it's your first digital drawing, though it turned out awesome. Also I have no artistic talent whatsoever so feel free to ignore me completely. Keep up the great work.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Your right, I could shade the chest more and adjust the left arm cause it does seem a tad off now that I look at it. The right arm could use some tweeking too. I really appreciate your opinion because that helps me to see a different perspective on my drawing. I've only been drawing for a year and a half, and only a year of that was drawing furries so I can still improve. I'm glad you took the time to comment.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
So far you seem to be doing an excellent job, all you have to do is keep at it. Like I said I have no artistic talent whatsoever but I do have a bit of an eye for details. I always try to offer helpful suggestions and constructive criticism, instead of the usual "OMG tAHT IS LIEK TOTally AwesOME I 5 StAred It wHIch You wiLL be NotIFIED AboUT BUT I juST had TO TEll You" (No offense to anyone). Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what you come out with next.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
lol Hahahhaahahah that took me like 3 read overs to get but once I got it I started laughing. XD I've been working on some sketches lately so I might upload them later....keep in mind they're sketches so they not perfect.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
So long as you're happy with them all anyone can do is offer suggestions. Nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement, just make sure to have fun.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
I do like them and I had lots of fun drawing them. True nothing is perfect so all you do is enjoy what you've accomplished and strive to do your best.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
I'm sure, once you get into something it just flows and always feels great once you finish it. I agree with you completely, you can only improve as you continue with your talent but will always look back on your first creations with some regret, always finding issues that no one else can see. Just make sure you give it your all.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
You're the first person that I've talked to that actually seems intellectual and insightful. Most people I talk to are nice and all but don't have depth to what they say.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
I'm honoured you think so, I think the problem is that sites like this one don't really leave room for people to express themselves fully. While I post comments rarely, when I do I try and ensure they are worth the time it takes to read them. Also everyone tells I have a way with words so that might also be part of it.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Yes, I read on your profile that you are a lone wolf and I respect that. I'm very happy to know that my work grants me the privilage to receive a comment from you. Yes you do seem to have a way with words, from what I can infer from your writing. I've tried writing once or twice but I don't seem to have the passion for it like I do with drawing. I'd rather draw the story than write it out.
Its true that sites like this limit the way we can really express ourselfs. I for one try to be how I am in real life....with some success. reply has no organization to it. lol.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
It is important to be an individual, able to stand alone yet still have the courage and intelligence to know when to call on your pack for assistance. Well it's just that I only post when I feel my comments could be of some use to who ever or if I truly enjoyed a certain piece of work, be it drawing or story.
Well as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". When I look drawings, it honestly is like looking at a moment frozen in time, one that if you look long enough you can imagine the lead up to and parting from.
The most important thing is to be yourself, a great many people find the anonymity to be an overwhelming rush and they create a new self which does them no good in the long run.
Nothing wrong with a little disorganization every now and then, haha.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0 seems like our replies are getting longer and longer. Hahah, pretty soon each one will be like a story itself.
I feel the same way about pictures. That's why I love to draw them so much. To show an emotion, to show a moment in time, to make you think and feel in different ways. Much like writing can do. A picture can show you something, but writing allows the reader to imagine for him or herself a world of their own. To shape the faces the words describe. To imagine the scents, the colors, and atmosphere. With writing you can connect with the story and the character on a much deeper level than with pictures. With a picture you see if a character is crying or laughing, but with a book you have to visualize how the character looks when they cry, or how they sound when laughing. At least that's my opinion.
We all create masks for ourselves to fit in with certain crowds or groups. We wear them to hide our imperfections so that we my appear more appealing to others. Some of us do it so much that our masks become who we are and we lose sight of what made us special and unique.
Woah! Why can't I write like this for school. I would of passed English, lol. Sorry for the wall of text, but what can I say? You sure did inspire me to reply ^^
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
Haha, they certainly seem to be nearing that mark.
I agree, that is why I love to write, to be able to create my own little world and invite others to lose themselves in it. Every story is both the creation of its author and of its reader. While the author creates the world, populates it, builds it, and creates the events it is the reader that lives them. The reader is the one who helps to mold and shape the world as they walk its many paths and trails.
That is why I love to read and write, to lose myself within my own world or that of another.
Pictures also allow their viewer to imagine the world the artist has created. One can imagine the moments before, the story left untold that led up to that magical moment that the talents of the artist brought to life. It depends a lot on the reader/ viewer, if they do not have the ability to see and feel the life within the creation then it does not matter if it is a picture or a story, they will just not see it. Depending on the abilities of the author and artist each work can be as expressive and awe inspiring as the other.
Masks can be useful to protect ourselves from others, or to make transition into a group easier. It is important however that we slowly remove our masks piece by piece and return to who we are.
Sometimes thoughts and feelings can flow across the page, it is as though a dam has burst and a torrent of emotions and ideas. Other times they take the form of pen and pencil strokes to create works of art so beautiful that they cause all those who see them to take pause.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
So you've told me why you love to write, but why did you start? Was there a single moment that just told you to write and you never stopped? Or has it always been a passion for you?
Oh no, I don't what else to write,lol.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
I don't think there was a single moment, but I have always had a vivid imagination. Sometimes I just become inspired and ideas and stories begin brewing in my mind. When this happens I just have to write it down or it will be all I can think of.
What about you, how did you get into drawing? Did it just start one day or have you always really enjoyed it?
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Well ever since I can remember I've always been a doodler. I was never really into it or thought about it much. It was just something to do since I was never really all that into sports. As time went on I become slowly more interested in it. It wasn't until almost two years ago that I really took it up and started to actually become passionate about it. Before then I wanted to become a doctor but now I want to work in animation or some other graphic artist field.
But now I look back and I kinda wish that I was more interested in sports. Then maybe I could of started fencing at an earlier age instead of thirteen. Are you interested in any sports? Oh and is there any field or job that you want to do? Or are doing it already? I obviously have no idea how old you are so that's why I ask this.
...I don't really know anything about you other than what you have on your profile and what I can infer from talking to you. Here I am, ingaging in a deep conversation and I have no clue who you are.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
A few years ago I picked up the Bow, Archery that is, and have spent many an hour sending arrows flying down range. Though I am more than happy to spend time tossing a ball around with friends. I am slowly working my way towards the field of history. I am but a poor University student of twenty-one years, who would love nothing more then one day bore a class of his own to death, haha. I have quite a few years ahead of me before I will able to accomplish my ambition.
I chose not to add any information I did not consider relevant or contributing to my presence here on SoFurry, but as you were so kind to ask, I felt no qualms in indulging you.
I am sure you will find you are much happier as an animator, though I have no idea if you are. Both would be very interesting careers, the important thing is to do what you love so that you are eager to get up in the morning and want to go to work.
Sports are not for everyone, there is nothing better than a nice quiet walk in the woods to collect ones thoughts. Though fencing is an very interesting sport, one I was fortunate enough to try my hand at while at school. It requires a deft hand and skilled eye to compete competently.
As to who I am, I am myself, or as near to myself as I can be. Unfortunately too few people truly know who I am, some days not even I know.
And what of yourself? Who might you be?
Leogenji 3 years ago 0 that last part made me a little confused but after reading it a third time I got it.
Well I am an eighteen year old high school student, I am taking a fifth year to graduate. I need a diploma!!! Most people tell me I am a person of honest character that is compassionate and understanding. I tend to be the peacemaker of all my friends...or of anybody I know for that matter. I look at both sides of a story rather than thinking in black and white. I'd like to think that I have a great capacity to empathize and sympathize with others. Therefore, I am usually the one people go to when they have troubles or secrets.
I am Native American, more specifically Canadian Chipawa (I think I spelled it right) But I live in the states...sadly. I want to move to Canada at some point, or anywhere out of the country.
Yes fencing is quite interesting, hahaha, it took me four years just to get into the rhythm of attacking rather than thinking every detail. When you do that, you tend to get poked. So for four years I was a defense person. I could block most attacks that were thrusted at me but I lacked offense. I remember the first thing I learned, how to squat. My goodness you get sore from that stance. Its like sitting on an invisible rail.
I've tried archery...and failed...miserably I might add. I wasn't aware that an arrow could go backwards until I tried archery. So I stuck to fencing. Maybe if I a tutor I would be better but I can't afford lessons. As for tossing a ball, I am ok. I can send it flying far the wrong direction. I have no aiming skills except for frisbe. though I have tried shooting and seem decent at it, but that's just what my parents think. Anyway, I am much better at running and dogging being tackled. I don't like pain very much. Never have, never will.
People tell me I am very innocent for a young man. I don't like to use vulgar language very much but I tend to use it if I get hurt. I like to think I have a filter for my mouth. I may think like any other hormone crazedyoung man, but I don't talk about it.
I am also a klutz, I trip over nothing yet I can balance on a two inch wide beam if I tried. I bump into everything (Yet I can weave through crowds)
I'm silly and have a childlike nature in the respect that I'm filled curiosity and ask many questions. My thoughts are disorganized and my imagination knows no bounds.
Oh and I can cook!
I hope that I didn't reveal too much for you at once.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
Not at all, though I was surprised you chose to reveal so much, you certainly sound like a respectable character. My friends find me to very caring and understanding. On more than one occasion friends have asked my advice on problems I have never had any personal experience in, yet some how always return to thank me for the help.
I am a seventh generation Canadian, though have a very diverse blood line the further back you go, with ancestors from many a European country. I think we all have our own little things that we are naturals at, while with others we are hopeless. When it comes to basketball I am hopeless, and I couldn't draw to save my life. Shooting targets is something I would like to get to do more of but unfortunately do not have the required equipment.
I can and have tolerated quiet a bit of pain, due to accidents while working, though i have never broken anything.
My friends feel that I have become serious and mature beyond my years due to a number of experienced I would have prefer not to experience a second time. Yet some how I am still able to come up with some relatively interesting stories.
Cooking is an essential ability I am thankful to say I have to some extent.
No I found it interesting and enlightening though I will confess I never expected you to share so much. I surprised myself in fact, I never expected to reveal so much about myself, though this is but a minute portion of who I am, or rather a general over view.
Leogenji 3 years ago 0
Well I've never revealed so much about myself to anyone at once like this. I'm usually very guarded about myself, rarely letting people get very close due to ex-friends and family issues. On the internet I'm extremely cautious about what I say to whom. Of course though I didn't tell you very much of myself. Just an overview, much like you've done. I would like to think I have respectable character. You seem like a very likable guy, but...maybe some people find you a little distant sometimes. Well that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. I do think you are the type that someone can rely on in tough times though.
It did suprise me though that you were so willing to talk to me and reveal as much as you yourseld did. I'm even more suprised that I have met a person like you here on a site like this. This being....well, mostly a porn site. I am very happy to know that there is at least one person on this site that can think with their brain and not something else. Not that there is anything wrong with people if they think...pervertedly.
Is there a reason why you seem to be somewhat open toward me? I know for myself that I find that I can connect to you. Though as to why I am not sure. Maybe because you're the first person that I've had an actual conversation with in forever. Most people on the internet don't seem very bright.
You said you were a seventh generation Canadian. Do you live in Canada? And if its alright if I ask. Where? I personally want to move to Vancouver ASAP.
So you can cook too. How well can you cook and what is your favorite dish to make?
Hmmm...I was wondering, do you have an MSN or any other way of communicating? It would be nice to be able to talk to you somewhere else than here. Then maybe we wouldn't have to write so much at once, lol.
Grey Knight 3 years ago 0
I also prefer to reveal as little about myself as possible. I have something of a trust issue and only allow my closest friends truly know me. Also, I find by revealing things to others they gain a kind of power over you, but I could just be paranoid. I also reveal as little as possible online, and maintain a strong grip on what information is available. At times I can be distant at time but this is mainly because I prefer to be the silent friend who listens. I don't like to complain and like I said before have some trust issues and have difficulty sharing my inner most thoughts with friends. Though I am always for my friends, there is little I would not do for one of my close friends. Anyone who succeeds in becoming part of my inner most circle is guaranteed to have a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to if needed.
While I have revealed quiet a bit, enough to give you a general over view, I have withheld enough information that I felt my identity and person was not at risk.
I know everyone says it but I am here for the articles, or in this case the non-Yiff stories, though I will admit I have read more than my fair share of Yiff stories as well, haha.
I just found you to be quite innocent and honest and interesting, though this being the internet you might very well be some overweight sixty year old man looking to abduct me and tie me up in your basement, to rape me at your leisure. Also as I said I only gave you a general overview, enough information that you caught a glimpse of me but that I still felt safe knowing that you do not, along with others on SoFurry, do not know who I really am. I am honoured you consider me interesting enough to wish to continue having a conversation with me.
Yes I do live in Canada, the province of Quebec, before you ask yes I do speak passable french but English is my first language.
In terms of cooking, it is passable, I have yet to poison myself. My favourite thing to make is a nice medium rare stake with mushrooms, and onions sometimes. I have a number of simple recipes that I enjoy making. What about you how advanced is your cooking ability.
I do have an MSN account, I will give it some though and will most likely send you a private message.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Nice! I don't know how to draw digitally... but I swear, I'm not an old man!
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
....O.o I just accidently erased a few messages. Whoops! I prefer the games where you throw dice. I seem to roll high while everyone else rolls low :3
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Hahaha, nice! My firends recently got me into dice games, and I tend to roll well as long as I am playing my character accurately. Weird, but neat.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Do you enjoy them so far?

I made my own game and got my friends to play it. I made character sheets and the works :3 Its not nearly as polished as I would like it but I enjoy what I created.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
They're fun. I tend to like them more for the creative aspects-- designing my characters' style and looks, developng his personality, et cetera-- than the combat aspects. Although it always feels good when my character kicks some ass, lol. I'm currently playing a game over Skype on Sundays with a few friends back in Nebraska. The game's been going continuously for over two years now. But honestly, I'm only playing to see them anymore... it's not the same when I'm not in the room with them. What sort of game have you made?
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Oh I can understand that. Designing a character's personality and looks makes it interesting. That's why I like to draw my characters. Being able to do some damage really helps, after taking 2+ hours to make a don't really want to make a new one all too soon because you died XD
I made a simple game that's similar to Rifts. I don't know if you ever have played it. I just made some stats you know the basics ones. Attack and def related things with personality and looks. I added things like classes (Final Fantasy related) and you can switch to knew ones but it costs money...a lot of money. You get skills at certain levels. Basically I give an overview of the world and I let everyone choose where to go. They can choose to fallow a loose story line or completely stray away from it. Based on certain actions they have to roll dice to see if they can do it or not. Based on their stats I determine what they need to roll. I hope this all makes sense lol. Oh! You also roll to see your race. (You don't chose what to be born as XP)
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Hahahaha, I almost always draw my characters. My friends hate it because when the dungeon master/storyteller goes around the room and says, "So what does YOUR character look like?" I can flip over my character sheet and say, "He looks like this." icon_biggrin.gif I've never played Rifts, but your system sounds well-constructed. I'm curious to read more about it. The only thing I might have trouble accepting is not picking my race. I absolutely love playing bizarre, brainy and/or dark creatures. One of my friends (he's on this site too, actually) created a GURPS campaign where we could be whatever we imagined. It never got around to starting... but my creation was an amorphous blob not much bigger than your hand. It used variable camouflage and its natural aptitude for silence and stealth to sneak up on sentient beings, meld into their bodies, and control them telepathically. And once whatever was needed was accomplished, it'd slide right out and go on its way, the host no worse for wear. That would have been SO fun to play.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
If we lived near each other I'd invite you over to try it out and learn more. From what I remember (All my notes were lost on an old computer...over 8 hours of work lost T_T) You can be a human, dark elf, ogre, troll, gnome, elf, beast man (Furry :D), quarter beast man, living material, zombie, demon, demi god (Really hard to roll for this), mutant, dragonkind.
And based off of what you got you would roll again to see what kind of beast man, material ect you were. And then sometimes you would roll again to be even more specific

You rolled a 40 = Beast man, roll again> 61= Feline, roll again>> 23= Lion

And as far as the classes went you could chose from I think around 40 different ones. Warrior, mage, ranger ect... There are even classes that are modern. Engineer, EMT, Demolition Expert. If you choose a modern one you can't use magic, but you generally have a broader selection of abillites and skills.
Also, depending on your race you can have innate skills as well. If you were a dragonkind you would have a breath ability.

One of my friends chose to be a chemist. Some of his skills were that potions healed more as long as he was the one using them and that he could identify/forage plant material easier.

Your classes would have levels as well. You would earn experience for them based off of doing things special to your class or rewards from quests. If a warrior was a able to fend off or defeat multiple foes in one battle he would get exp for the warrior class. You could get up to lvl 10. If you wanted to switch classes you would have to go to an instructor or a school, so to speak, and train. It would cost a huge ass amount of currency. And the cool thing is that once you learned a class you could switch between what you have learned. But you couldn't switch in the middle of a battle or under certain situations.

Theoretically you could be lvl 1 Elf with a warrior lv of 10. You just wouldn't have enough MP to use anything that's really good.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Interesting... So there's no mutli-classing that takes advantage of your various levels at once? If a character maxed out in his class, is it better just to stay in that class then and lose out on the bonus experience they can no longer acquire? I do like the idea of racial leveling. Certain skill sets are just as relevant to a village as others are to a given job. Also, how would you balance the gameplay for someone who rolled up a demigod? Awesome as that would be, I imagined everyone else would be pissed about being vastly underwhelming by comparison.

Thank you for the invitation! That really bites about all your lost work; it sounds like you put a lot of yourself into it. Your profile bio mentions nothing about how far you are from me, FYI.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Oh..I completely forgot! (I don't have my notes so...)
The way I set it up was it would be like real life. In the sense that just because you switch jobs doesn't mean you all of a sudden forget how to do everything. If you have gotten up to lvl 2 in a class you can use all the abilities from the 1st lvl. So at lvl 10 you can use everything from 9 and under for any class , as long as you meat the requirments. For example you can't use a spear technique with a battle axe and you. I hope that makes sense. So its really useful to branch out but you don't want to spread out too much otherwise you won't have anything strong to back you up.

As far as the demi-god race goes they do have superior stats but if you have seen any movie or read any book. You'll notice how fortune seems to favor putting them in situations that even they could die easily in. In otherwords...they better pray I'm in a merciful mood when I'm the GM/DM. I tend to put people in harder situations than most but I give better rewards to make up for it. I had a party of 4 one time, all lvl 1s, and they were ambushed by 3 goblins at lvl 5. It was their first battle :3 They were lucky that I was playing with them and my character knew an AOE attack.

And I live in Nevada!
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Wow. This was really well thought-out! I would pay money for a core rulebook of this game.

My entire exposure to Nevada is limited to a layover inside an airport. :P But that may change soon. A few friends from back in Nebraska are going to fly out here for my birthday, and we're thinking of going to Vegas. The other suggestion was Disney World... I've never been, and I'm okay with never going.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Thank you! I really wanted it to be a fun experience. I had played games like that when I was younger and I really enjoyed them. The funny thing is I hate being the DM/GM. LOL! But I had to have my friends experience the game so they could understand the process and if they wanted to they could be the DM for a while.

For pretty much all my life I've created stories in my head and played them out. Making character profiles, backgrounds, history for the world. I did it all. I had dramas, romance (Big romantic here lol), adventure, fantasy, horror, ect. I would get so involved in it that I would feel the emotion of who I was portraying at the time.

If I had ever made a core rule book I would have just given it to you. Why charge for something that people could enjoy.

If you ever drop by Reno we should hang out!

I have a hilarious story involving Disney Land. I had the whole place shut down when I was 13. Aaah good times. All the search lights, helecopters and police. Gooooood times.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Wait, seriously? How long were you lost inside Mickey's castle?

Heh, I don't think anybody really enjoys being the DM. I, too, get attached to my characters; in exploring their personalities, their dreams become my dreams for them. You can't really do that as a DM. You have to be prepared at any given time for the super-awesome-badass returning character to get killed off in one lucky roll, or be bypassed completely because the gaming group decides to pick flowers or visit a foreign country for reasons beyond you. Writing a story is great fun; writing a campaign starts off much the same, except you have a room full of editors who aare, for all intents and purposes, blind, deaf monkeys who just want to hit stuff with sticks. ;)

Thank you for the invitation. If I am ever in Nevada-- especially Reno-- I'll hit you up. Likewise for you should you ever find yourself in Portland, my friend.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
I was in the parking lot with my friend waiting for my parents since the place was in the process of closing. People were telling us to leave and having previous cases were my parents told me to wait by the car if something happened, I did. I waited I think close to 2 hours. We were the only car there and both my friend and I were blissfully unaware of all the chaos that was about 100 yards from us. Finally we decided to get on the trolly thingy and my friend heard the man driving say: "Found them" We walk up to the gate and helicopters are flying around, police and sirens are everywhere. An officer comes up to us and asks us who we are. They then said they were about 5 min from calling the FBI and we were lucky we got on the trolly because it was the last time they were going to send it out. My parents never want anything to do with Disneyland again. Gooood times. I wouldn't mind going again. Its always an adventure with me. You never know what's going to happen.

My family is thinking about moving to Portland actually. That or somewhere in Washington.

Yes that analogy is a perfect description. I had to tell everyone how to look around in just state, I want to look around town. Its not that hard. And I swear they have the worst luck when it comes to rolling.
Example: You need a 30+ to hit the rolled a miss and hit your teammate...with critical damage....Okaaaay next person. You need a 55 or higher, roll. You got a hit the same teammate that was just hit....thank god I told him to buy armor. Me: oh I got an 89, I hit all enemies within range :D

haha just for kicks if you have dice you should roll to see what you would get for a race.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Wow. Kinda funny that you guys were only mildly worried while the world around you freaked out.

When we would game, if the storyteller started to do unacceptably well at kicking our asses, he would trade dice with someone whose rolls were sucking. I don't think it made any difference, but it kept the whiners from complaining too much.

So, I'm guess I roll two d10's for percentage dice for your races? *shake shake shake* Got a 35.

Please tell me I'm not a poop troll.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Roll again.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
... 86.
Leogenji 1 year ago 0 more time.
furcurious 1 year ago 0
Leogenji 1 year ago 0
Raccoon Beast Man