Shadey Wolfspirit
19 Jul 2010

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Posted 19 Jul 2010 18:55
Last edited 19 Jul 2010 18:57
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The one with the flight chest is my guy. The other elite is my guest i used to get this picture. But here is my guy from Halo 3. Enjoy.

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Pfhor 3 years ago 0
I use the Asthetic helmet and shoulders with the same body ;)
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
Well i sue the helmet and body but commando shoulders. But i should do a new one.
Skal-Tel 3 years ago 0
I always liked the flight helmet. i went through w/ a friend and he showed me where all the skulls were. xD Yea, i cheated, but still, i suck at halo anyway. xD
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
No one can suck at halo really. So as long you get a few kills tahts something to be proud of.
Todex 3 years ago 0
Ooh Halo 3 leet reference :3 Useful!
By the by, if you hit 'reply to this' before replying to comments, the original poster gets notified of your response :P