Shadey Wolfspirit
19 Jul 2010

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Posted 19 Jul 2010 19:01
Last edited 19 Jul 2010 19:18
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Here is my other picture from Halo 3. I have some mroe but i dont think they are good for here. But i hope you guys enjoy.

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UndergroundWolf 3 years ago 0
did u get these from the x-box 360 of from computer? cus id love ta get my pics off of halo 3 off of my 360
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
You go to and go to your proflie and find your pictures tehn put them on here . thats what i did from my bungie profile. here is my link so you can try to find your stuff. I hope this helps. But thats what i did. so let me know if you like some more help. ^.^
UndergroundWolf 3 years ago 0
ok thak ya very much
Shadey Wolfspirit 3 years ago 0
You welcome UndergroundWolf. ^.^