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Living Legends: Volume (Mew)Two: Part 5

#5 of Living Legends: Volume (Mew) Two

Living Legends Volume (Mew)Two: Chapter 5

Edited by: Kyth


Sin stared up at the stars, her paws resting lightly on her stomach, letting the rocking motion of the boat lull her into a kind of a trance. She didn't want to sleep, couldn't bring herself to let herself sleep. Every time she tried, she ended up jerking herself awake halfway between wakefulness and sleep, afraid of what lay in that inky blackness that would encompass her consciousness.


She was starting to resent that Peter had thought this a good place to sleep. The deck chairs looked utterly uncomfortable for two people. For one person, they were fine, but any more, and they'd have to be balancing atop the other just to stay on the chair itself.


With a faint huff to herself, she swung her feet over the edge of the chair, and then stalked over to the chair, tentatively starting to put her weight on Peter's lap.


A light grumble left him, and he mumbled something under his breath that Sin didn't understand. The chair itself creaked in protest of the extra weight.


A little bit more weight and it gave another creak, threatening to give out. Sin huffed again. There was no way she could sleep on her own, and she wasn't going to wake Peter up because of it; something told her it would be rude, and somehow...childish.


So she crawled back onto her chair and peered up into the sky, reaching out a paw to fullest extent so she could trace the lines of the stars with it, watching them with a tilted head. Her tailtip gave a bit of a swirl back and forth, idly, trying to pass the time until Peter awoke.


A gust of wind rolled over the deck, and Sin looked over towards where a crewman was starting to clear away the detritus on the deck, and scrubbing it to keep it coarse, to maintain grip so the passengers wouldn't tumble over the edge of the railings. It was only near midnight, as the large clock attested, and everything was starting to wind down, the faint sounds of a party on the lower decks slowly tapering off, the music softer and slower now.


The gust of wind took with it a strange, oblong piece of paper, fluttering in the air and then skidding across the deck.


Out of curiosity, Sin slid off the chair, and moved after the piece of paper, holding it in place with her foot until she could pick it up, frowning down at the tiny images on it.


She took it back with her, to the deck chairs, and then poked Peter very gently on the shoulder.


"Peter?" she asked quietly, head canting to one side. "Are you awake?"


There was no response other than a faint mumble, and sin harrumphed She held up the little piece of paper to the meagre light of the half-moon, trying to fathom out what it could be used for.


"Whatcha got there?" asked one of the crewmen as he swept the deck, passing by.


The mewtwo paused a moment, and then furrowed her brow. "I'm not sure." she said, shaking her head, holding it out towards him. "Do you know?"


The crewman paused a moment, and peered over towards the piece of paper before giving a faint chuckle. "That would be a fifty dollar note." he stated rather calmly.


"Fifty...dollar?" she asked, head canting quizzically to the left.


"You know, money?" he asked, perking a brow.


" not." she said, staring down at it, perplexed.


The crewman leaned on his mop for a moment, smiling at her. "Well why don't you head over to the bar, they'll show you what you can buy." he said, pointing over his shoulder with a thumb.


Sin paused a moment, and then peered at Peter, opening her mouth to protest.


"Don't worry, I'm sure he won't be going anywhere if you go buy a drink." he said with a faint laugh, turning back to his sweeping.


Sin frowned to herself a little bit, and then peered down at the paper, ambling over towards the bar. She paused almost shyly next to it, holding the piece of paper clasped between her fingers, brow furrowed.


"Are you lost?" the barman asked, cleaning a glass with a white cloth.


"Uhm, no." Sin said, shaking her head slightly and holding out the piece of paper. "I was told to bring this here and ask what I could buy with it?" she asked tentatively.


The barman turned towards her, and then placed the glass on the counter, frowning slightly, motioning for her to take a seat. Neither he nor the other crewman had even batted an eye at a talking Pokémon, perhaps they were rather common in certain places.


The barman gave a slow nod, and frowned at her thoughtfully. "Well...I don't usually serve Pokémon, but I see no harm in it." he said as Sin pulled herself up onto one of the stools, balancing precariously on her tailbase. "So what do ya' want?"


The mewtwo frowned at him for a moment, looking at the array of bottles. "All of these are liquids?" she asked, staring at them.


"That they are." the barman replied, smiling faintly, seemingly amused by her innocence.


"Why?" she asked immediately, brow raising in confusion. "So many different shapes and colours for...the same thing?" she wondered, blinking at him.


The barman shook his head firmly, and then smiled, pulling down two bottles. He placed two shot glasses on the counter top, and then poured a strange red liquid into both of the glasses. "On the house." he said, picking up one of them and downing it, smacking the glass back onto the counter. "And that is how you do a shot." he explained before she could say anything.


She frowned at this odd behavior, brows furrowing, "There...are no houses around here." she said with an expression of perplexion.


The barman gave a faint chuckle, waving a hand a moment, "Of course there aren't, 'House' is a termed used to define the establishment, or the bar."


"So you want to...tip it out on the floor?"


He gave a louder laugh at that. "Goodness no!" he said, "'On the house' means it's free!" he said with a shake of his head and a smile.


Sin's gave a nod to know she understood and then regarded the 'shot' for a moment, before picking it up and down it in a single gulp, her expression going from thoughtful, to pleased, to an almost gagging expression.


"Oh god, it burns, and yuck!" she said, smacking the glass down on the counter so hard it shattered, spraying the barman with glass.


The barman let out a hearty laugh and picked up a rag, shaking his head and starting to clear away the mess. "Not so hard next time, missy, and of course straight shots taste like ass. That's why you drink in them in one gulp instead of sipping."


"It....tasted alright at the start." she said with a faint huff, brows furrowing deeply.


"Well, try a chaser." he said, pulling out another two shot glasses, filling two with a new kind of liquid, and then filling the other two with some kind of orange liquid. He then took one of the glasses, and downed it with one hand, before downing the orange liquid a second later.


Sin watched him, head tilting to one side, before she tried the same, picking up one and then tossing it back, before picking up the other. The aftertaste was just starting to get to her when she hurriedly swallowed it, giving a soothed 'ahhh' and contentment as it removed the extra taste.


"It's very good." she said earnestly, smiling at the bartender. The lights above the bar, on chains, seemed to be getting hazier as time went by, pleasantly warm and basking. "But...Why do you need chasers?...why not just drink the chaser and leave the other one alone?" she asked curiously.


"You don't drink alcohol for the taste, usually, but the effect it has on the body." the barman explained.


"It...effects you? I thought water only worked to sate your thirst...?" she tried to fathom.


The barman chuckled and shook his head slightly, "Water, sure. But Alcohol has certain effects on people." he said with a slow nod, "Surely you're feeling it by now...a little bit floaty, happy?" he asked.


Sin paused a moment, and then gave a slow nod. "Everything seems happier, and brighter..."


"You want to try some more?" he asked curiously.


Sin gave a nod, and he reached under the bar, pulling out another bottle, and then another. After mixing some things together, he handed her a tall glass, filled to the brim with liquid. Her eyes went wide.


"I can't drink all of this at once!" she protested, staring at its volume.


"Don't worry, it's a mixed drink, a Margarita." he said with a chuckle, pushing it towards her gently. "Try it."


Frowning at it tentatively, she picked it up, and then took a sip, pausing, to see what it tasted like, her expression softening from a frown to something a little happier. "Hey, this is good!" she said with a smile, taking another sip of the drink enthusiastically.


The barman smiled at her, and then started mixing two more drinks, one for him, and one for her, this one largely composed of milk and some strange, gooey brown liquid.


She finished the Margarita, and then took the new one quite happily, sipping at it as well, eyes going wide. "Oh my, it's...delicious!" she said with a vigorous nod, quickly imbibing more of the potent concoction.


After a few moments of sipping, she peered at the barman, and her brows raised. "What is that you're drinking?" she asked curiously.


"Tequila, wanna try?" he asked, offering a straw and the glass to her.


She blinked once at him, brow furrowing slowly, mouth twisting into a slight grimace. "But it's your drink." she protested helplessly.


"It's fine, really." he said with a grin.


Sin frowned a little bit more, and then nodded once, "Okay, just a little bit more..." she conceded, taking the straw and sipping at the drink a few times, brows raising a little bit, before she smiled. "It's good!" she said with a grin, her tailtip giving a slow swirl behind her.


"I think you've had enough." the Barman said with a laugh.


She blinked once, nodded, and then passed the cup back to him. "May I try that one next?" she asked politely, pointing with a paw that shook and swayed back and forth of its own accord.


"Nono, you've had enough drinking." he corrected with another laugh.


"But...they taste good and there's so many more to taste...why would I have had enough?" she asked, confused, groggy and slow-witted.


The barman paused a moment, and then held up his arm. "This, is straight." he said, motioning towards her stance. "Are you sitting up straight?"


Sin frowned deeply a moment, and then looked downwards, realising just then that she was leaning dangerously to one side, trying to correct her stance and just ending up falling off the stool and onto her side, hand trying ineffectually to grab the edge of the bar to halt her fall.


She lay where she fell, staring up at the open sky and giggling softly to herself, head rolling back and forth with the motions of the ship.


The barmans face appeared, upside-down, in her field of view, offering her a hand to help her up.


"You okay?" he asked, smiling and giving a slight laugh.


Sin nodded very firmly, and tried to stand, ending up flat on her ass, swaying back and forth slowly. "I think I'll's so much easier to sit." she said with a slow nod, while the barman shook his head and just chuckled at her softly.


She noticed the note flutter off the counter top, and scrabbled after it a moment, holding it up and staring at it a moment, brow furrowing, turning to the barman. "Is this...enough for the drinks?" she asked hopefully. "It's so...small...and useless."


The barman smiled at her for a moment. "Money isn't...well, it isn't worth anything by itself, but rather, what it represents." he tried to explain.


"But it's paper..." she said, frowning at it. "I see paper all the time..."


He shook his head a moment, trying to find the right words to explain. "You get money for working, usually. You do an hour of work, and you might get ten dollars." he explained, pointing at the note a moment. "So fifty dollars is five hours of work. Five hours of things you had to do. So you can buy stuff with that money, equal to five hours of work." he explained.


Sin frowned deeply at the paper, and then whined, her paws shifting, sending her sprawling again. "Oh no! This is five hours of work someone will want back!" she protested, staring at the note helplessly.


The barman chuckled softly. "Most of the people here are rich...but if it bothers you so much, then keep your money, it was a pleasure serving you." he said with a grin, making a shooing gesture with his hand. "Go on, shoo! Go try and find out who lost the money," he said warmly, "I have to pack up bar for the night."


She nodded at him once, and then waved a hand at him happily. "Thank you mister." she said with a smile, rolling over and getting unsteadily to her feet, stumbling heavily as she started towards the hallway leading down to the crew cabins, swaying unsteadily and ending up weaving from one side of the hallway to the other.


People were sleeping, and awake, and doing other things in the rooms she passed; she could sense them, and their thoughts, though it was fuzzy and almost incoherent.


There was one man there wondering about his wife while glaring down at the ring he was wearing, before tossing it aside and laying down to go sleep. Another man had a laptop looking up interracial porn, and then, a couple, rather heatedly making out.


Sin paused at the door, frowning slightly. She peered down at the note, and then ran her fingers across its surfaces, willing it to tell her where it had come from. After a moment she had the image of the two who were behind the door, hurrying down from the deck, the female dragging the male by the hand while he hurriedly stuffed his wallet, a few notes, and a bar receipt into his back pocket. One of the notes had fallen free.


The Mewtwo smiled faintly, and then stumbled over to the door, trying the handle. Of course, it was locked, requiring a keycard for entry.


Her brows furrowed at this new obstacle, and she caressed the lock with a paw, willing the inner workings to cooperate with her.


There was a buzz, and then a click as the light turned from red to green, and the door swung open an inch. Sin calmly opened the door and waltzed inside.


The couple paused, staring at her, watching her sway slightly, so stunned they didn't even take their mouths from each others.


Sin found the scene quite curious, and tried searching through their minds for what it could mean...affection? Something a little bit stronger; wantonness, eagerness for something...It was all so very confusing to her muddled mind, so she pushed it aside until later, and stumbled over to the bed, smiling at them serenely and quite tipsily. "Oh don't mind me!" she gushed, holding up the note and then laying it gently between them. "Your dropped that, sir." she said with a slow nod, which upset her balance to the point she almost ended up falling face-first onto them, before she turned around and rather calmly shuffled back out of the room, leaving both of them staring after her, identical stunned looked on their faces.





Back outside in the hallway, she almost stumbled and tripped, leaning heavily on a tall gentleman in a suit by accident. She then pushed off from him clumsily so as not to invade his personal space, gripping the wall for support.


"Are you...okay?" the gentleman asked, and she giggled at him tipsily.


"I feel great!" she slurred, grinning at him good-naturedly. "This feels so fuuuun...I should tell Peter about this!" she decided suddenly, eyes lighting up with glee. "He's so grumpy and tense all the time, this'll help him heaps!" she gushed, while the gentleman stared at her uncomprehendingly.


"I'm going right now!" she declared, turning and staggering towards the large wooden doors leading to the cabins and almost tripping through them, before she came waltzing back the other direction, giggling. "Wrong waaaaaay~" she declared to the quite stunned gentleman.





Peter gave a faint groan as a blunt fingertip prodded him again and again, forcing him to consciousness. "Wha-?" he asked, not quite sure what was happening.


"I'm having the most wonderful time!" Sin slurred at him happily, laying a hand on his thigh for balance as she swayed slightly.


Peter sat up and rubbed at his eyes a moment, peering sideways at her, leaning backwards slightly at the strong smell of alcohol on her breath. "Are you...drunk?"


Sin tilted her head to one side and perked a brow at him curiously, head swaying back and forth. "I...think so?" she asked, peering at him blankly a moment, "What does it mean?"


"Inebriated, shitfaced, smashed." he stated, sitting up properly and swinging his feet down onto the deck, staring at her. "You've been drinking, haven't you?" he accused.


The Pokémon nodded vigorously. "Ohyes, drinking!" she said with a tipsy grin. "So much drinking! This one, and that one, and my, that one looked tasty." she said with a giggle, leaning in and wrapping her arms around him in a hug, burying her face in his chest. "It's so much fun and feels so goooood! Drink with me Peeeeter!" she requested.


He peered down at her for a long moment, one of his brows raising, tappping her on top of the skull. "You're drunk." he stated rather redundantly.


"I am?...I am!" she said with a grin, peering up at him happily, "Peter...I'm drunk. I was told so." she said matter-of-factly, with a sage nod.


Peter rolled his eyes faintly and then blinked once as Sin pressed her lips to his suddenly, throwing her arms around his shoulders to stop him getting away, quite obviously kissing him...inexpertly, but definitely a kiss. His body tensed up, and he wasn't sure what to do, staring at the Pokémon.


Sin purred softly into the kiss as she seemed to melt against him...or it might have been her tipsy body unable to support her weight properly, but she pulled back after a few moments and smiled up at him innocently. " I know why those people were enjoying it so much!" she said, moving in to kiss him again.


His hand lifted and laid on her nose, stopping her, making her pout up at him for a moment, her tailtip giving an irritated flick. "What are you doing?" he asked, eyes narrowing down at her.


"I'm...uhm..." she trailed off a moment, blinking once. "I dunno what you humans call it. But it's a way of showing affection!" she said with a vigorous nod, grabbing his wrist and forcing his hand aside so she could kiss him again, her tongue rather heatedly pressing against his lips and demanding access which he was powerless to deny, forced to endure this treatment for several long moments before she pulled back for air, smiling happily. "Wow..." was all she said.


"Why exactly are you doing this?" he asked, wrinkling his nose and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, removing a dribble of the Mewtwo's saliva.


"Because...I like you." she slurred, grinning up at him again and throwing her arms around his midsection, purring faintly in the bottom of her throat while resting her cheek against his stomach. "You're kind and mean when you have to be, and you teach me all these things and never ever ask for anything in return." she gushed, nuzzling against him affectionately for a few long moments.


"I love you." she said after a few moments deliberation, smiling up at him and resting her chin on his stomach quite happily, eyes half-closed and foggy with her drunken state. "Isn't it wonderful, Peter?" she asked, head tilting to one side.


Peter just stared down at her for a long while, unsure of what to say or, for that matter, what to think. After all, she was a Pokémon, and she hadn't even been 'around the block' that many times. Plus, she was drunk. What did she know of love?


"I don't think you know what that means." Peter said, brow furrowing slightly.


"What does what mean?" she asked curiously, peering up at him once more, her tailtip coiling possessively around his ankle.


"Love." he stated bluntly, raising his brows at her. "It isn't just a word you want to throw around." he said, frowning at her slightly. "It's supposed to mean something."


"I know what it means!" she said defensively, her brows knitting together as she glowered up at him for a second.


"What does it mean?" he asked flatly.


"It means..." she hesitated a moment, and huffed slightly, her tailtip tightening around his ankle further, threatening to cut off the circulation. "It means...Means...this." she said firmly, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulling him in close, pressing her lips to his in an amateur, but nonetheless fiery, impassioned kiss, purring deep in her chest and pulling herself up into his lap. She hugged him close, holding it for several long seconds, letting it linger, before pulling back.


"Anything else to say, huh?" she asked, seeming annoyed at him, defensive.


"Yeah." he stated flatly, brow furrowing up at that.


"And what would that be?" she asked dangerously, glowering down at him.


"Your tongue is too firm." he stated matter-of-factly.


"W-what?" she asked, confused, drawing back to sit in his lap, head tilted to one side.


"Your tongue is too firm." he repeated, grabbing her wrist and pulling her back down atop him. With her inebriated balance, it wasn't too hard. "It should be softer, like this." he said, his cheeks flushing just slightly as he thought about what he was doing. He threw caution to the winds and placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her into a kiss, except this time, he was the instigator.


There was a mere moment of resistance from the Pokémon, before she rumbled pleasantly in the back of her throat and relaxed against him, basically splaying herself across his stomach.


Peter smiled up at her and then pressed his tongue against her lips gently, trying to get her to open up, which she did willingly, a blush growing on her cheeks as she felt their tongues meshing, pressing heatedly to each other, her eyes widening before closing contentedly, a faint moan rolling up out of her throat at the pleasurable sensation.


After a few moments, Peter let her pull back, smiling up at her slightly.


"It's so much better!" she gushed, pressing herself back down to him and kissing him with a fiery eagerness, her tailtip coiled happily about her ankle as she kissed him with an innocent, yet enthusiastic motion.


After almost a minute of this, she purred and rolled over him to snuggle up to his side, smiling at him tipsily and smooching his cheek lovingly, laying a paw over his chest. "I love you Peter." she said with a smile, nosing into his neck gently while she purred.


"I like you a lot too." Peter said with a slow nod, bumping his chin against her forehead gently.


Her head came up slightly, and she frowned.


"Say you love me." she said flatly.


Peter quirked a brow. "No." he said, blinking at her.


"Why not?" she asked, brows furrowing and eyes narrowing dangerously.


"Because I don't." he said rather bluntly.


She gave him a hurt look, her eyes reddening and misting over slightly. "You don't like me?" she asked plaintively, her tailtip uncurling from his ankle and instead coiling around one of her own, her arm pulling off him, almost sending her crashing off the edge of the chair.


Peter shook his head and pulled her in against him. At first, she resisted, before frowning and huffing up at him. "Why are you hugging me if you don't like me?" she asked angrily.


"I do like you." he said with a firm nod.


"But then wh-" he cut off her before she could finish her question, laying a fingertip on her lips, shushing her.


"When someone says that they love you, it's supposed to mean something." he said earnestly, kissing her forehead, though she still looked peeved.


"Can't you just lie to make me feel better?" she asked plaintively.


Peter shook his head firmly. "No. Would you rather I lie about it now...or would you rather wait until it means something when I say it?" he asked simply.


The Mewtwo huffed up at him for a moment, her brows furrowing and her expression mutinous, before it softened and she sighed faintly, nosing in at her neck, letting her tail coil around his ankle again. "I guess...when it means something." she said begrudgingly.


"There, not so hard, is it?" he asked, hugging around her slightly smaller body and smiling.


Sin huffed and pouted at him for a moment. "Peter...?" she asked,


"Yes?" he queried, raising a brow down at her.


"Do you love me yet?" she asked innocently.


Peter chuckled faintly and kissed her nose. "You'll have to wait a little bit longer, Sin."

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nonono, it was the same night! ^^ Just a little bit later on. the sleeping and the Bj happened rather early in the evening.
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AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
I laughed so hard my favorite drunken line : heheh wrong waaaaay Another fantastic chapter. 5/5
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