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20 Aug 2010

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Posted 20 Aug 2010 06:12
Last edited 28 Jan 2012 16:53
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Alpha & Omega

#38 of Scribbles & Sketches

Was only supposed to be a quick sketch, but i actually like how it turned out. so i may just finish it at another time. but this is it for now. ^^

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Drakowolf 3 years ago 0
Omg i can't wait to see this movie XD
Caesar the Dog 3 years ago 0
when's this movie coming out?
hotman4u 3 years ago 0
September 17
Of The Wilds 3 years ago 0
animagusurreal 3 years ago 0
Very cute :)
Dragon Knight 3 years ago 0
I totally forgot this movie was coming.
Arawn 3 years ago 0
*smacks his paw* I knew it would happen before it came out lol, nice drawing though
kimo 3 years ago 0
this movie looks to be good i cant wait to see it!
nominate for furryist normal American shown movie
garbud 3 years ago 0
what is it called the movie i mean
Lonewolf Artz 3 years ago 0
i dont mean to make u feel stupid, but look at the title of this piece -.-
garbud 3 years ago 0
i am stupid
shadowinthedark 3 years ago 0
oh don't get yourself down you know i once got hit by a car and thought i could fly for 2.9 secs until of course i hit the ground.
jons133wolf 3 years ago 0
I can't wait until September 17th. A friend on youtube told me about it and I ended up watching the trailor on youtube. It's gonna be an excellent movie. Cool sketch, tempting to see how it turns out when finished. Well, Catch ya later <(0_0)>
DarkWolf_13 3 years ago 0
Oh Wow! I just seen this preview for the movie and thought, Maybe Lonewolf would have a sketch or something for this! Well I was right! I can't wait till September 17th. Like the sketch can't wait till its finish!! *Cheers and squeals*
captain renamon 3 years ago 0
this movie is going to rock!
Kaleb 3 years ago 0
Seneca Darkfox 3 years ago 0
I actually kind of want to see this movie.
wolfy87 3 years ago 0
im so sad i dont have the money to go see it =( maby latter this month but that is a very good pic.
TasteLionWolf 3 years ago 0
i think you will like this
look and tell what are you think :)
techfox 2 years ago 0
Awesome Pic, the Movie was great :D
SilverWolf666 2 years ago 0
i love this movie <3