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01 Sep 2010

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- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light - Prologue Part 1

#1 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Okay, my first story series. I hope I did a good job, if not, sorry for scarring you.

For those of you who had read my Character Bios and were eagerly awaiting for me to do some real writing, here you go.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another tale from the world of Pokemon.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Prologue Part 1


It was a bright, sunny day in the forest. Pearl was doing her daily runs through the forest, gathering a wide assortment of berries to help with her father's job. Pearl was a cute little fox Pokémon known as eevee, but she was no ordinary eevee, she was albino. Pearl was covered head to toe in snow white fur and had vibrant pink eyes and skin to match.

When Pearl decided she had enough berries she started to return home. She always took the same path to and from her home so she wouldn't get lost. When her home was within view she started running out of excitement, eager to see her dad. She lived in the center of the forest in a small home made by a grouping of trees that twisted and grew together into one. When she walked in, she was greeted by a tall black and blue furry Pokémon. She immediately recognized this figure as her father, the forest doctor. Her father was a lucario whom was gifted in many healing arts that he had learned from his previous trainer.

Pearl set the basket full of berries on the table next to the door and ran to the kitchen to see what her father was up to. When she walked through the opening, she noticed another Pokémon in the room. This Pokémon also had black and blue fur, but walked on four legs and had a star shape tail. After a few minutes, she recognized him as Lu, her neighbor. Lu was a luxray and a friendly one at that. He always said 'good morning' to Pearl when she was leaving to gather berries or when she left to go play with her friends.

Lu was having a conversation with her dad about the virus outbreak in the forest which she didn't like. Pearl never liked hearing about the virus because one of her friends had got it and died from it. Unfortunately, since her father was the forest doctor, he was always talking about it and even had Pokémon come in everyday for a check up to make sure they didn't have it. It saddened her greatly every time she thought about it and she started shivering uncontrollably.

"Charles, I think something is wrong with your daughter." Lu pointed in the direction where Pearl was standing.

"Huh?" The lucario looked and saw Pearl shaking violently. "Pearl, sweetie, are you ok?"

Whenever Pearl had these uncomfortable moments, she couldn't control herself let alone speak.

"Pearl?" Charles got up and walked over to Pearl. As he got closer he noticed she was whimpering as if she was about ready to fall to tears. "Are you ok honey?" No response. "Come here, its ok" Lu held Pearl in his arms and cradled her, rocking her gently until he felt her breathing steady.

"Wow, it doesn't take much to put her to sleep does it?" Asked Lu, who was stunned at how fast Pearl nodded off.

"Nope, she has always been really easy to put to sleep. All it takes is a hug usually, but I decided to do a little extra this time, for her comfort." Said the lucario as he sat down at the table.

"What was wrong with her?" Lu looked questioningly at the lucario.

"She doesn't like it when I talk about the virus because one of her closest friend died from it. I always start blabbing on about it without realizing she is there and then when I realize my mistake, it is usually too late."

"I can understand her pain. My brother just passed away because of it only a week ago and I still haven't gotten over it." Charles gave the luxray an apologetic look.

"I am sorry for your loss, I didn't know."

"It's ok. I don't mean to sound cruel but I am glad he was stricken with the virus. He had so many health problems to begin with that he could barely do anything without experiencing sharp pains. In a way this virus eased his pain." Lu sighed.

Charles nodded. "Yea, Pearl is in the same situation as you in a way."

"Oh? How so?" Lu gave the lucario a questioning look.

"I have never told Pearl this, but her mother was a victim of the virus. Pearl was still in her mother's womb, when she came to me. Her mother asked me to examine her and when I did, I confirmed that she had contracted the virus."

Lu stared wide eyed. "That is horrible..."

"That's not the worst of it though."

Lu looked awestruck. "It gets worse?!"

Charles sighed. "Yes. After giving the mother the news, she panicked pleading for me to check her pups. I ran another test and confirmed that three of her four pups also contracted the virus. She immediately broke down into tears saying she was a horrible mother, wailing uncontrollably."

Lu just stared silently, awestruck, waiting patiently for Charles to finish.

"It was at this time I re-assured her stating there was still one healthy pup. She immediately asked me to remove the pup and shelter it to protect it from the virus in her body. I told her it was risky but she would just argue. In the end, the procedure worked and the pup lived and grew to be the little ball of fur here in my arms."

"My word, that is so unfortunate. What became of her mother?" Asked Lu.

"Pearl's mother had lost a tremendous amount of blood during the procedure and was already dying. Her last words were to tell me that her name was Silver Gemstone, the mother of the Gemstone eon family. She also asked me to look after her daughter until the time came when she could go find her siblings. With her last dying breath, she looked at the pup in my arms and noticed she was solid white in color so she decided to name her Pearl. After that she passed away."

During this time, Lu was starting to tear up a bit. "That is so sad. I feel ashamed thinking I had a horrible predicament. This poor child grew up without a mother whom sacrificed herself so she could live."

"Yes, it is very unfortunate that Pearl has had to live without her mother for this long. As a matter of fact, I believe Pearl's first birthday is in a week from now. It will have been one whole year since she had first came here. I better get her something special."

Lu chuckles. "You sure do seem to spoil her don't you?"

Charles smiles and laughs. "Yes I know I do and I think she has caught on that I would do anything for her, but you know what, she's worth it."

Lu looks outside and notices its getting dark. "Well I better get going. The Mrs. Won't be happy if I come back without some dinner."

Charles laughs. "Yea we all know how crazy your mate can be when she is dealing with her cravings. Oh that reminds me, when are you having her come in so I can check on the litter?"

Lu ponders this for a moment. "I don't know. You yourself said we didn't really need to come back until she was going into labor. If you feel was should stop by before then, that's fine with me. She's the one who will object to going since it takes all of her energy just to stand let alone walk."

"Yea I can understand. I'll make an effort to come to you two when the time comes that way there won't be any risks of miscarriage." Charles states.

Lu breathes a sigh of relief. "Thanks. I can't imagine how badly that argument would've been if I told her she would have to walk all the way over here while in labor. She would bite my head off."

Charles laughs. "Yea probably. Well goodnight Lu, I have to put Pearl in bed and then I have some last minute reports to do, so I will talk to you tomorrow."

"Ok, don't be a stranger and I hope Pearl feels better. I am still sorry about her tragedy and feel deeply for her. If you ever need any help with her, don't hesitate to drop by and let her stay awhile." Lu walks out the door waving.

Charles calls back. "Don't worry; I'm sure she would love to play with the twins again. Have a good night Lu!"

Charles walks back inside, shutting and locking the door behind him. He walks back into the kitchen and sees Pearl curled up in a ball on the chair where he left her.

"She's so cute when she sleeps like that." He thought to himself as he picks her up and carries her off to her room.
Charles sets Pearl on her bed and just stares at her for a few minutes. "I'll never forget that day when your mother begged me to take you in. Ever since that day, I have felt like a whole new person with you in my life. Please don't ever leave me my little snow princess." Charles kisses her on her forehead and slowly walks out and returns to his work.

Unbeknownst to Charles or Lu, Pearl was awake during their whole conversation. She was grieved to finally learn the truth as to why her mother was never around. Her father had always told her that her mother had left when she was born to go find a treasure to bring back for her, but she never returned.

Pearl sobbed uncontrollably for what seemed like hours. First her friend goes away forever then she learns her mother went away for the same reason. Pearl suddenly felt very alone for some reason until she remembered something her father said. He said her mother told him to let her find her siblings when she was old enough.

The sudden thought of playing with other eevees filled her mind and for the first time in her life, Pearl felt true happiness. She smiled contently and slowly drifted into a deep slumber where she would dream about playing with her siblings, every day. She decided that she would ask her father about it in the morning, but for now she wanted to sleep and play with her brothers and sisters.

End Prologue Part 1


Well that is the end of the first part of the prologue. Do not worry I will be starting on the second part immediately.

Sorry if it seemed like I was going off on a tangent for awhile there. It's a bad habit of mine like an uncontrollable twitch.

So the main question would be: How did I do? This is the first story I have ever written, so I can understand that there might be some grammatical errors and spelling issues as well as some repetition.

Please comment and tell me what could be worked on. Criticism is always welcome, but please don't shoot me down entirely, my self-esteem at this time is lacking enough as is.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of the prologue, which I guarantee will be released before the end of this upcoming weekend.

Until then, I ask you to be patient and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
First off I like it. I only read half of the Bios. I didn't notice any mistakes. I feel sorry for Pearl and Lu. Is there a name for the Virus? Back to the point, nice job, good first chapter or prologue. Keep it up I'll be watching.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Yes the virus has a name but that wont be explained until later in the story. Until then, I am going to continue to refer to it as "the virus."

If you want a little insight on it, all I can say is that the virus is not what you think it is. I know that is very cryptic, but I don't want to reveal any spoilers. You might be surprised when you learn what the virus is, but as I said that won't be explained until a later chapter.

Back to the part of the prologue here. I thank you for the kind words. I was a little uneasy when I posted this. As I stated at the end, my self esteem at this point in my life has reached an all time low. I was naturally nervous to see how I did, but you seemed to have given me a little hope. I thank you for it.
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Glad to help. My first story made me extremly nervous. I nearly did the scene from Hancock where the MC saves the people in the bank and then leaves and the guy helping was running around the room yelling when I got my first comment.

My selfesteem has dropped for this month. Things are getting complicated for me.
AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
Hey I like you story so far. I remember my first story and trust me you can only get better from here. I look back and my first story and realize that i've grown, you will too. keep it up :3
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Oh there is no stopping me now that I have finished the second part of the prologue and I have already started outlining the first actual chapter. I will have the second part of the prologue posted by the end of Friday. I still need to proofread it and spell check it. Also, I want to look over it and see if there is anything I could add.

With my classes hammering me with homework plus my job it's gonna be hectic but I do have this 3 day weekend off so that should give me time to work on chapter one. Also I am expecting a drawing from a fellow member on the website to accompany the story when it starts really moving along.

The drawing will be of a scene from one of the future chapters. It will show Pearl, still as an eevee, surrounded by a rainbow set of will-o-wisps. Also, I don't know if you already saw it or not, but I did post an artwork of what celesteon looks like.

I do thank you for your kind words and I hope you will stay with the series to the very end.
MasterG 3 years ago 0
Woah....let me say this- I rarely like to read on SF because today most of the stuff is (shiat ^^)

But this is nice! Awesomeness!!

Pearl sounds like a really cute Eevee. But they're all in their original forms right? Oh its written non-anthro----sweet.

Whatever I'm reading chap 2 now. ^^
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
Great job! Definitely worth the wait. I feel so bad for Pearl. At least she knows the truth now
rater435 3 years ago 0
I'm glad that this isn't an anthro story because you can see the characters much easier...